Conceived against a background and tradition of which Harvard is justly proud, the Hasty Pudding Officer's Club has evolved as the most energetic and vigorous such organization in Cambridge and vicinity. Located at 12 Holyoke Street, the Hasty Pudding offers to those officers stationed at Harvard, and to their guests, a variety of good food, good fun and good fellowship--an unbeatable combination in any sort of endeavor.

The Harvard Hasty Pudding Club claims its origin in 1795. Organized at first as a more or less hodge-podge, impromptu form of self-entertainment among a group of students, the Club took its first step toward the fame it enjoys today in 1844, with a play produced and acted in Ho lis 11. From that time until the present war temporarily curtailed its activities, the Hasty Pudding Club has gone on to theatrical glory with such lavish productions as "One On The House," and the less recent "Barnum Was Right," written and presented in 1918 by one Robert Sherwood, who was later to contribute to Broadway such plays as "Reunion in Vienna" and "There Shall Be No Night."

Like all such enterprises which flourish in a world of peace and leisure, the Hasty Pudding suspended production after the 1941 show and its members settled down to the task of war. The chorus line of the "Pudding's" last show is well represented on scattered battlefields throughout the world, and those hairy legs which once kicked high from beneath gaudy costumes are now helping to kick the Fascist scourge from its citadel.

Thus, it was only fitting that when the site for a much needed Officer's Club in Cambridge was sought, the Hasty Pudding Club with its old program-bedecked walls, dignified interior and comfortable furnishings should be the logical choice.

Today, for the officer who seeks congeniality, good food and informal relaxation, there is no better place in Cambridge than the Hasty Pudding Officer's Club. Outfitted with billiards, ping pong, library, phonograph, pianos, theatre and various other equipment, the Club is run on a membership basis for Army, Navy and Marine Officers. Dues, which are one dollar, a month, not only make available to members the above-mentioned facilities, but also permit him the privilege of partaking in the various planned and unplanned events which constitute the Club's weekly schedule of activity. Hostesses are on hand in the evening and from all reports there have been no complaints to date.


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