University Basketball Team Won Fast Game Saturday.--1909 Won Twice.

The University basketball team defeated Tufts Saturday in the Gymnasium in a fast, rough game by the score of 28 to 10. In passing the two teams were evenly matched, but in dribbling and in shooting the University team was superior. The Tufts forwards were unable to get past Griffiths and Burnham, who played a strong defensive game.

Harvard started the game with dash and Amberg scored a goal from the floor within the firs minute of play. The University team play was good, the dribbling fast, and the passing effective. Tufts relied on long passes, most of which were stopped by the Harvard guards, and as a result, scored but one goal from the floor. The half ended with the score 15 to 4, in favor of the University team.

The playing in the beginning of the second half was somewhat slower, but Harvard still kept the lead. The Tufts players tried to overcome this advantage by rough playing and in consequence, the University team was unable to work any of its combinations.

Owing to holding by the Tufts players the shooting was not so good, as in the first half. Towards the end of the period, however, the University team renewed its fast playing and scored five more goals from the floor.

The summary: HARVARD.  TUFTS. Quigley, l.f.  r.f., Riley Broun, Brooks, r.f.  l.f., Seede Amberg, c.  c., O'Hearn, Getchell Burnham, l.g.  r.g., Dwelley Griffiths r.g.  l.g., Wilson


Score--Harvard, 28; Tufts, 10. Goals from floor--Amberg 4, Griffiths 3, Burnham 2, Quigley, Broun, Dwelley 2. Goals on fouls--Griffiths 6, Riley 2, Dwelley 4. Fouls called--on Harvard, 13; on Tufts, 18. Umpire--W. N. Knox, Everett Y. M. C. A. Referee--W. Jacobs, Boston Y. M. C. A. Timekeeper--E. L. Grant. Time--20-minute halves.

1909 Defeated Two High Schools.

The Freshman basketball team won two games Saturday in the Gymnasium, defeating Wellesley High School 18 to 17, and Watertown High School 18 to 17, and Watertown High School 34 to 7. The game with Tufts was cancelled.

At the beginning of the game Wellesley High played much faster than the Freshmen, who seemed in poor physical condition, and at the end of the first half led by the score of 11 to 4. In the second half this lead was increased. With only four minutes left to play, however, the Freshmen threw five goals from the floor and one from a foul, winning the game by one point. The final score was Freshmen, 18. Wellesley, 17.

Although the 1909 team were in poor condition for a second game they easily defeated the Watertown High School by the score of 34 to 7.

The Freshman line-up, in which no substitutes were used until the second game, was as follows: l.f., Allen, Strauss; r.f., Currie, Heyward; c., Dial; l.g., Jones; r.g., White, Field.