IN accordance with the notice previously given, a meeting of the H. U. B. C. was held in Upper Massachusetts, on Tuesday evening, October 21. The University was well represented, especially from the two upper classes of the Undergraduates' department.

At 7.45 the meeting was called to order; Mr. Goodwin, the President of the Association, in the chair. The Report of Mr. Minot, Secretary, being read and accepted, was followed by that of the Treasurer, Mr. L. W. Clark. He announced that the finances of the club were in excellent condition, and that, after the payment of all amounts due it, there would be a surplus of twenty dollars in the treasury.

Mr. Morse then read his report as chairman of the Boat-house Committee, stating that out of fifty-one rests, forty are now occupied, from the rent of which the club has realized a considerable sum, as it did also from the auction sale of unclaimed boats last spring.

These very satisfactory reports having been accepted, Mr. Goodwin, as chairman of the Executive Committee, stated that the debt on the boat-house, which, at the beginning of the year amounted to three thousand dollars, had been reduced to six hundred dollars, through the exertions of Mr. Dana and the receipts from Mr. Godfrey Morse's theatricals in Boston. From the treasurer's account it was further shown that a debt of five hundred dollars incurred in '71 for boats, etc., had been entirely liquidated.

Mr. Goodwin also said that the proposition to put the boat-house into the hands of the college authorities, after a full discussion, had been deemed inadvisable. He suggested that, in view of the excellent financial condition of the club, the following measures be taken by the new Executive Committee: First, that a man be employed to be constantly at the boat-house, whose duty it shall be to help members with their boats, to take proper care of boats after use, and to prevent all trespasses on the club premises; second, that the house receive a coat of English paint, of which it stands in need, at an estimated outlay of one hundred and ten dollars; and, third, that fresh water be introduced into the house for bathing purposes, and general comfort of members. The cost of this has been estimated at sixty dollars.

The election of officers for the ensuing year followed. Nominations for President of the Club were, Goodwin, '74, and Appleton, '75. The result of a vote, conducted by means of a marking list, was in favor of Goodwin. F. S. Watson, '75, being the sole nominee for Vice-President, was elected by acclamation.

Van Duzer, '75, and Otis, '76, were then elected respectively Treasurer and Secretary. As delegates to the Boating Convention of American Colleges, Goodwin and Dana received the votes of the meeting.

The following amendment to the Constitution was then read and adopted: -

Art. IV., namely: "The officers of the H. U. B. C. shall consist of a President, Vice-president, Treasurer, Secretary, and Captain."

Insert after "Treasurer" "and Assistant Treasurer"; and insert after "Captain," "The Treasurer shall be a graduate of the University."

In consequence of the above, Mr. Van Duzer became Assistant Treasurer, and Mr. George Roberts, '71, was chosen Treasurer.

The object of having the Treasurer chosen from the graduates was on account of his ability to keep the accounts more systematically than the average undergraduate, and because, if a resident of Boston, his possible continuance in office for a term of years might be for the interests of the Club.

The meeting was then adjourned. The outlook of the Club was never brighter, and we trust it may receive the co-operation of all interested in Harvard, to enable it to maintain its present good condition.