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THE Undergraduates - almost every student being present - met on Monday evening in Massachusetts, to take action upon the death of Professor Agassiz. The meeting was called to order by Mr. Mackintosh, '74. Mr. Richmond, '74, was elected Chairman, and Mr. Curtis, '75, Secretary. A committee was appointed, consisting of Mr. Merwin, '74, Mr. Canfield, '75, Mr. Amory, '76, and Mr. Tower, '77, to prepare resolutions. Mr. Goodwin, '74, Mr. F. R. Appleton, '75, Mr. Curtis, '76, and Mr. A. L. Lowell, '77, were appointed a Committee to provide for the proper draping of the Chapel and its decoration with suitable flowers. The following resolutions presented by the Committee were unanimously adopted: -

Whereas God in his infinite wisdom has taken from among us the scholar whose fame is endeared to our hearts by the love we have borne for him as a teacher:

Resolved, That, in our grief for the death of Louis John Rudolph Agassiz, while we leave to others the praise of what he has done we find our best consolation in the dignity and purity of his character, in the perfect unselfishness of his life, and in the simple faith and piety which kept pace with his knowledge and sanctified it for a noble use; that to us the lesson of his life is of especial value, as showing one of the brightest examples of courage and patience in the pursuit of truth, and an uncompromising devotion to that which his conscience dictated.

Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be sent to the afflicted family.

AT the last meeting of the Harvard Natural History Society the following Resolutions were adopted: -

In view of the great loss our Society has sustained in the death of Louis Agassiz,

Resolved, That, while recognizing the inscrutable wisdom of Almighty God in thus removing from us our most honored member, we deeply deplore the loss of one whose enthusiasm inspired, and whose sympathy and ready assistance were never wanting to, the student of Natural History.

Resolved, That in this bereavement we most heartily sympathize with the afflicted family.

Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be sent to the family of the deceased.

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