ONE of the Harvard Eleven was heard to express the fear, before the match at Salem, that the Alphas would be the Betas; but they were n't.

THE following are the officers of the II H Society for the succeeding half-year: President, C. A. Mackintosh; Vice-President, G. O. G. Cole; Secretary, E. N. Aston; Treasurer, G. I. Haven; Chorister, A. W. Foote.

WHAT is the difference between the Massachusetts Legislature and Harvard College? One is opposed to X ale, and the other to Y ale.

THE following is a list of the members of some of the University crews who are to row in the coming regatta at Springfield:-

YALE. Cook (captain), Fowler, Myer, Cogswell, Kennedy, and Waterman.

TRINITY. McKennan, Chase, Kane, Platt, Burke, and Bulkley.

BOWDOIN. Hunter, Sargent, Ladd, Crocker, Cram, and Robinson.

CORNELL. Ferris, Goldsmith, Stoddard, Schuyler, Anderson, Dutton (stroke).

HARVARD. Dana (stroke), Bacon, Morse, Daland, Goodwin, and Devens (bow).

WILLIAMS. Gunster (stroke), Eaton, Worden, Saunders, Johnston, and Barnhart (bow).

The names in italics are of the men who rowed in the last regatta.

THE Annual Examinations have fairly commenced. Naught is heard but talk of note-books and syllabi, and the snuffers are sharpened for the midnight wick.

WE call the attention of our readers to the advertisement of Wieland Bros., florists. By giving them Class Day orders much time and money may be saved.

THE Junior eight, at present the immediate members of the Phi Beta Kappa Society, have elected Mr. W. Richmond, Recording Secretary. At the annual meeting, the day after Commencement, the orator will probably be Charles Francis Adams, Sr.; the poet has not yet been fixed upon; the marshals, from the Junior Class, will be Mr. Richmond, chief, and Mr. Wigglesworth and Mr. C. F. Withington, assistants.