Medical School of Harvard University.

THE following rules have been recently adopted :-

1. Members of any one department of Harvard University have a right to attend lectures and recitations in any other department without paying additional fees.

2. Students in the Medical School, who wish to avail themselves of this opportunity of pursuing scientific or other studies in any other Faculty of the University, may do so without loss of time counted as medical study, to such extent and in such manner as the Medical Faculty shall in each case prescribe.

3. Whenever a student in Harvard College or in the Lawrence Scientific School shall have passed, in either of these departments of the University, an examination on a subject taught in the Medical School, the certificate of his having passed the College or Scientific School examination shall be accepted in lieu of an examination in that subject at the Medical School.

IT has been definitely ascertained that Professor Shaler will take charge of his department at the Museum next year as usual, his appointment as State Geologist of Kentucky only necessitating his absence during the summer months.


As both graduate scholarships are now vacant, Seniors should make their applications for them at once.

THE following gentlemen of the Senior Class will deliver Commencement parts next Wednesday:-

YOUNG, Irish Land Tenure.

RICHARDSON, De personis Palliatarum.

LORD, Prejudice of Patriotism.

LINCOLN, Monadology.

MURDOCK, History of the World.

BETTENS, Hildebrande.

OUR Biblical Editor attended one of the Spiritual meetings in East Cambridge, and says he listened in rapt attention.