BANISHED be Bacchus and ivy; exiled Apollo and bays;

Nothing but beauty and roses bring to our dearest of days,-

Roses and beauty and sunshine, sparkle and lustre and bloom,

Shedding the freshness of Eden over each desolate room.

Throw aside Hamilton's gropings after a why and cause;


Shame on a man who could argue, beauty prescribing the Jaws.

Toss away cosine and secant; angles? 't is all a mistake;

Angels are what were intended, they the electives we take.

Horace alone, of the ancients, welcome we here as our guest;

He, with his garlands of myrtle, adds to our merriment's zest.

Plato may lie in the corner, folly in laughter he'd find;

E'en to the pleasures of Class Day Homer himself would be blind.

Mark how the oldest of buildings seem to grow young with surprise;

Finding their entries illumined, bright with the flash of fair eyes.

See how our elms, as a welcome, do all their standing allows;