IT is with pleasure that we clip the following from the Berkleyan, published at the University of California:-

"A few weeks ago we were pleasantly surprised by Mr. Alfred A. Wheeler, an editor of the Harvard Advocate, dropping in upon us, and though we had but time to pass the courtesies of the day, as we had snatched the few moments between two recitations to make some corrections upon which our issue was waiting, yet we saw enough to show us where some, at least, of the geniality and vivacity of the Advocate comes from. Mr. Wheeler is a fair sample of the intensified life of California, and no doubt sometimes awakens the cool blue blood of our Down-East cousin to a quicker flow. As a student and brother "Scrib," may his flame never wax less!"

THE Dickinsonian says that our poem entitled "Venus Victrix" has so charmed one of their Sophs. that he insists upon every one reading it who comes into the room. Perhaps our Sophs will enjoy the following, clipped from the said journal:-

"I hear the angels whisper;

I see, or seem to see,

The gleaming of the waters


Upon the jasper sea.

I slip in Jordan's waters;

My faith is growing weak;

For Docky says the angels

All speak good Attic Greek.

And what to me is heaven,

And what its constant joy,

If I must flunk in Attic,

As when I was a boy?"

FOR the honor of college journalism be it said that an editor rarely has to notice the use of rowdyish and vituperative language between college journals. The cowardly and malicious use of calumnious language by an editor - such language as he would not dare to use except under the protection of anonymous writing - is extremely rare. When such a case is met with, we consider it our duty as a college journal to notice that which as a personal attack we should consider it unnecessary and undignified to answer. We therefore publish the following, taken from the College Spectator, a publication of Union College, New York:-