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THE officers of College societies for the next half-year are as follows:-

Glee Club.President, J. W. Farlow; Vice-President, V. Y. Bowditch; Secretary, F. S. Livingood; Treasurer, H. W. Broughton; Leader, A. W. Foote.

S. Paul's.President, W. Richmond; Vice-President, J. O. S. Huntington; Secretary, W. L. Chase; Treasurer, A. H. Amory; Librarian, W. D. Hodges.

Hasty Pudding Club.President, F. R. Appleton; Vice-President, V. Y. Bowditch; Secretary, S. D. Warren, Jr; Treasurer, N. H. Stone.

THE Secretary of the Der Berein is H. H. Drake, and not G. R. R. Rivers, as stated in the last Magenta.

SENIORS are reminded that all orders for photographs or albums must be handed in to Mr. Notman, or the Class Committee, by Monday, March 2. All those wishing to sit again must make appointments with the Committee to sit before Saturday, March 7. Any person connected with the University can order photographs from the list at the Class prices. Lists of photographs and prices can be obtained at the rooms of the members of the Class Committee, C. H. 39, S. 24, or C. H. 23. To the list of groups have been added:- 27. Cercle Francais. 28. Der Berein. 29. Cricket Eleven. 30. Phi Alpha.

Per order,E. W. CATE,F. C. FAULKNER,A. L. GOODRICH,Class Committee.WHY may Henry V. be likened to a fish? Because he was caught by a diet of worms. (Only the student in German history can appreciate the above.)

THE Glee Club and Pierian Sodality intend giving a concert at Lyceum Hall in the course of a fortnight.

ALTHOUGH very old, that story about Mr. Malum is worth repeating:- A friend, meeting Mr. Malum at a famous watering place, asked him if he enjoyed sea bathing. "No; the doctor has forbidden my going into the water." "Then you are malum prohibitum." Not relishing the joke, Malum retorted, "That don't hold good, for my sister bathes every day." "So much the worse, for she is malum in se."

WILL the writer who favors us with such verses, in future send them elsewhere? -

"There was an abject family

Travelling o'er the road,

Surely they were beggarly,

For they had no abode."

A FRESHMAN had occasion to visit the cellar in the south entry of Weld a week or two ago. On attempting to return he met with an unexpected obstacle. He pushed against the door at the head of the stairs, and found that it refused to open. He felt for the knob, and attempted to turn it, but it merely slipped around without catching the latch. The horrible thought flashed upon him that the latch had broken and that he was locked up for the night. It was past eight o' clock on Saturday evening, and the passers-by were few and far between. With the calmness of desperation, he took off his rubbers and backed up against the door. He tried in vain to break it open. Then he kicked with his right foot till he was tired. Then with his left. Then he shouted till the whole entry reverberated. Finally, he heard steps hurrying in response to his cries; a hand touched the knob outside, and the door opened inward, nearly knocking him down stairs. The Freshman saw his mistake, and, gathering up his rubbers, silently stole away without making any explanations. His residence, in the middle entry of Thayer, had rendered him unable to appreciate the possibility of the door's opening inward.

MR. A. L. LINCOLN has taken charge of one section of the Freshman class, and not the last three sections, as stated in the last number of the Magenta.

THE next Brookline Assembly has been postponed from February 24 till April 7.

THE interest of '77 in Base Ball is shown by the number trying for the Nine, who are Messrs. Bird, Culbertson, Curtis, Eaton, Herrick, Keys, Latham, Leeds, McDowell, Nash, Roby, Sawyer, Thatcher, Tower, Walker, and Wheeler.

THE following men, under the coaching of W. J. Otis, L. S. S., are hard at work in the Gymnasium, for the Freshman Crew: Messrs. Bacon, Brett. Harwood, King, LeMoine, Martin, Morgan, Page, Patton, Perry, Taylor, and Wiley. Any six of the above will make a strong crew, and ought to promise well for the Regatta.

OUR goody entered the room the other morning, and, approaching us, said in a mysterious manner, -

"Please, sir, the key to this room has fits."

"Indeed," said we, considerably astonished.

"Yes," said she, "sometimes it fits the lock and sometimes it does n't."

THE Sophomore Class Supper will take place on Friday, March 13, at 7 1/2 o'clock. Tickets will be for sale at Richardson's Bookstore from Monday, March 2, until Monday, March 9; also at the Rooms of the Athenaeum and Institute Societies on the evening of March 6.

FOR the notice of the Faculty: "If any building or buildings under the care of a corporation or other large body, and used as human habitation, are, by the neglect of such corporation or body, insufficiently lighted or otherwise cared for, such that at any time any person shall, in entering or traversing the said buildings, maim, or otherwise injure himself, the corporation shall be held responsible and liable to all damages thereby accruing," - Gen. Stat. Com. Mass.

A SMALL card is about to be issued by the S. Paul's Society, giving the dates of the business meetings and the occasional services, as well as when and by whom the Lenten lecture will be given. There will be Litany services every evening during Lent at their rooms, No. 17 Grays.

THE next sermon in the Sunday evening course at the College Chapel will be delivered on March 8, by the Rev. Augustus Woodbury of Providence.

The Nation is a paper that every student should take, and we call the attention of our readers to the advertisement in our columns.

WE would call the attention of our readers to the advertisement of the "Maison Doree," in another column. Mr. C. L. Belier, the proprietor, has received many compliments since he opened his restaurant, and we take great pleasure in congratulating him on his success.

IT is pretty generally believed that the Freshman who asked at the Art Rooms for the "Milo of Venice" was in search of the "Venus of Milo."

COUNTRY SCHOOLMASTER (to new scholar). Can you tell me what the verb Baivw means?


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