THE President arrived in Cambridge yesterday.

THE number of the Seniors who have applied for honors is twelve.

A NUMBER of houses for our guests have been put upon the elm-trees.

IT is not probable that the Tabular View can be prepared before next fall.

REV. S. K. LOTHROP, D. D., will preach in the College Chapel next Sunday evening.


THE description of the results of the Hassler Expedition by Mr. L. F. Pourtales is now in press.

THE Senior Autograph books will be ready for delivery at Richardson's the early part of next week.

IT has at length been finally decided that the Juniors are to put a crew on the river for the June races.

AN interesting report of the Museum of Comparative Zoology has just been published by the Trustees.

IT is definitely decided that Memorial Hall is to be used for the exercises on Class-Day and Commencement.

A GAME will be played on Jarvis Field to-morrow, at 3 P. M., between the University Nine and the Chelseas.

THE McGill University Foot Ball Club will meet the Harvard Club on Jarvis Field, Wednesday and Thursday, the 13th and 14th inst. Game will probably be called at three o'clock. Admittance fifty cents. The proceeds will be devoted to the entertainment of our visitors from Montreal.

THE report of the directors of the Reading-Room will be issued in a few weeks.

WHY is Pharaoh's daughter like a speculator in the recent financial panic? Because she found (a) little prophet in the rushes on the bank.

THE Sophomore second-crew is now made up as follows: S. Kittredge, stroke, F. Minot, R. W. Guild, J. B. Olmstead, H. Sargent, J. Wheelwright, bow and captain.