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MR. LEVY'S lecture before the French Club next Monday will begin at half past seven.

WE understand the private library of the late Dr. Walker, worth $15,000, was bequeathed to the Library.

THE Rev. Phillips Brooks is expected to preach next Sunday evening at St. John's Memorial Chapel.

PARIS is to have a new theatre erected on the site formerly occupied by the hotel of Prince Metternich, and costing $400,000.

A STUDENT who has taken up his connection with Harvard offers a misfit carpet, which he warrants for every room but his own.

THE condition of the steps at the entrances of all the buildings, this winter, has been very bad, and frequent falls have been consequent.

RT. REV. B. H. PADDOCK, Bishop of the Diocese, will make his regular visitation to the S. Paul's Society next Monday evening, at seven o'clock.

A. MARQUAND, the winner of the first essay prize on "Utilitarianism" at the literary contest in New York, was stroke of the Princeton crew at the last intercollegiate regatta.

SCENE LAID IN PARIS. - Dramatis personae, ENGLAND and FRANCE. "Qui va la?" "Je," says I (as I know the language). "Comment?" says he. "Come on!" says I; and I knocked him down. - Ex.

THE Junior Class proved their "cuteness" by avoiding their meeting yesterday. There were present the three men who called the meeting, the Captain of the University, and a large and enthusiastic assembly of two Juniors. All business was referred to the Executive Committee.

WE clip the following account of the programme that has been recommended for the centennial regatta from a Philadelphia paper. The Schuylkill Navy is to invite the crews, and provide them with boat-houses and dressing-rooms, as well as put up extra prizes. There will be five classes of races: first, the regatta of the National Association; second, the annual college regatta, when a piece of plate is to be presented to the winners, in addition to individual gold medals; third, an international college race, for four oars, the prize again to be plate with gold medals to the winning crew; fourth, a race open to all clubs in the world; and last, a four-oar race for professionals.

THE Pi Eta officers for '76 are as follows, - President, F. H. Morgan; Vice-President, F. MacArthur; Secretary, J. F. Botume; Treasurer, J. K. Berry; Executive Committee, F. MacArthur, Chairman, D. C. McMartin, H. L. Osgood.

THE Dining-Hall Association recently voted (253 to 204) to change the meal hours. There will be lunch at 2 P. M., dinner at 6 P. M., and breakfast as heretofore. Notice of the date of inauguration of this new system is soon to be given.

SOME twenty Sophomores dined at Delmonico's on the evening of December 29. Mr. Curtis presided and Mr. Tower was toast-master. The committee of arrangements, to whom great credit is due for their able management, consisted of Messrs. Sherwood, Ogden, and Post.

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