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COME with your silks and your satins,

Come with your laces and curls;

Come with your coiffures and patterns,

Charming and innocent girls.

Lead the attack with your faces,

Follow it up with mamma;

Sweeten your infantile graces

With the bank-notes of papa.

Dress in the height of the fashion;

Talk us the smallest of talk;

Speak of a flirt with great passion;

Lean on our arm when we walk.

Tell us of love in a cottage,

Dress you like queens while ye do;

Warble of breakfasts on pottage,

Sneer at the hotel menu.

Weep for the widow and pauper;

Sparkle with diamond and ring;

Waken us out of our torpor;

Ogle and smile when you sing.

Speak of the church and the altar,

Whisper of death and of earth;

Teach your soft voices to falter

When you are bursting with mirth.

Talk of respecting a lover,

How you would feel his neglect;

Should you a virtue discover,

Seek for an equal defect.

Praise your own modest endeavor;

Love to be faithful and pure.

With such attractions, if ever,

You will find husbands, I 'm sure.


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