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THE temporary framework which surrounds the new window in Memorial Hall gave way last Tuesday night and precipitated the window into the gallery, injuring it so badly that it had to be sent to Boston for repairs.

THE Nine play the Live Oaks of Lynn to-morrow, at Lynn.

PROF. WILLIAM EVERETT will officiate in the Chapel on next Sunday morning.

SOME interesting engravings from the pictures of Sir Joshua Reynolds are on exhibition at the Library.

UNDERGRADUATES desiring to join the Chess Club are requested to send their names to D. B. 6; H'ke 42; W. 41.

ALL who intend to join the Holworthy Boat Club are requested to inform the Secretary, at H'y 9, as soon as possible.

UNDERGRADUATES who take the Art Journal are informed that the carrier will deliver the next number on Monday, the 18th inst.

MEMBERS of the Cercle Francais are earnestly requested to be present at an important meeting, next Monday evening at 7.30 P. M., in H'y 19.

THE Pierian is in want of good violinists. Any undergraduates who desire to try for admission are requested to see the Director at H'ke 2.

THE Holyoke Six, as now made up, consists of: Riggs, '76 (st.); Le Moyne, '78, 2; Jacobs, '79, 3; Katzenbach, '79, 4; Crocker, '79, 5; Wetherbee, '78 (bow).

THE Holworthy Six has been made up, provisionally, as follows: Martin, '77 (st.); Guild, '76, 2; Taylor, '77, 3; Bolan, '76, 4; Brown, '77, 5; Welles, '77 (bow).

THE Scratch Races will take place on the course in front of the Boat-House at eleven o'clock Saturday morning. Entries may be made at Richardson's up to nine o'clock on Saturday.

BY a vote of the Memorial Dining-Hall Directors, each table is to choose itself a head, whose duties are to receive any complaints or suggestions of other members in regard to fare or service, in writing, and to forward them to a committee appointed for the consideration of them. This committee is at present Messrs. Jennings, L. S. S., McDuffie, '76, and Starr, '77.

THE recent fire in Thayer brings forcibly to mind the general lack of "fire-escapes" throughout the College buildings. It is not generally known, we believe, that a fire-extinguisher can be found in every Proctor's room, but in case of a severe fire the occupants of the upper rooms in every building would have hard work to get down, and we trust some remedy may be found to lessen the present risk.

THE Captain of the H. U. B. C. is at the Boat-House every afternoon at half past four, and has kindly offered to "coach" any who may desire him to do so. Both the English Fours expect to visit America next year, and it is hoped that many men will try for the crew.

MR. G. H. BRADFORD, '76, who was elected Assistant Treasurer of the H. U. B. C., on Monday last, has resigned, and Mr. Truman Heminway, '77, has been appointed to the position by the executive committee.

THE Second Ten of the Athenaeum are as follows: W. K. Blodgett, G. H. Brown, E. T. Chamberlain, L. B. Dean, I. Elting, J. R. Holmes, E. W. Morse, G. M. Pinney, G. S. Raymer, H. A. Wood.

THE fall races of the different boat-clubs will take place over the Charles River course on Saturday, the 30th inst., at eleven o'clock A. M., and the fall meeting of the Athletic Association will occur on Jarvis Field at three P. M. on the same day.

THE Mathews Six, as composed at present, consists of Wetmore, '75 (st.); Perkins, L. S. S., 2; Hastings, '76, 3; Bancroft, '78, 4; Preston, '79, 5; Weld, '76 (bow). Changes in this crew, and, in fact, in all the crews, are quite probable before the time of the race.

ALL who are interested in the Harvard Rifle Corps are requested to attend a meeting to be held on Wednesday next at 6.30 P. M. Amendments will be discussed, and measures will be taken, if possible, to organize and to decide upon future action.

UNDERGRADUATES who desire to become members of the French Club can send their names to H'y 19. This club is not confined to the upper classes, and offers peculiar advantages to men acquainted with and fond of French. Freshmen are urged especially to hand their names in as soon as possible.

ON Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock the University Foot-Ball Eleven will play a match game with Tufts College Eleven on the grounds of Tufts. A number of undergraduates intend to walk up to see the game, and any one who wishes to join them is invited to be in front of Holworthy soon after two on Saturday.

THE officers of the Everett Athenaeum for this term are as follows: President, J. A. Tufts; Vice-President, W. A. Bancroft; Secretary, S. B. Woods; Treasurer, J. R. Holmes; Standing Committee, C. Moore, B. N. Johnson, E. B. Hunt; Board of Editors, C. H. Vinton, G. S. Raymer, E.W. Morse.

THE Freshman Class held a meeting on Tuesday last at which Mr. Putnam acted as Chairman and Mr. Howard as Secretary. The class elected the following officers:-

President of the Class, E. B. Putnam; Secretary, E. Hale. Captain of the Crew, J. W. Welles; Secretary, G. R. Sheldon.

Captain of the Nine, C. P. Nunn; Secretary, G. Swift.

Captain of the Foot-Ball Eleven, P. Grant; Secretary, L. Cushing.

THE Holyoke Boat Club held a meeting on Tuesday last, and the following officers were elected: W. J. Otis, L. S. S., President; W. C. Riggs, '76, Captain; W. S. Otis, '78, Secretary and Treasurer. All persons who wish to join the club must send their names to the Secretary, No. 25 Holyoke Street, before the fall boating-season closes, in order that sufficient boats may be ready in the spring. Those who join this club, or any of the clubs now, will have the use of the boats for the next month, but those who put off joining until the spring will find that no places have been reserved for them, and they will be troubled by the lack of sufficient boats.

AT a meeting of the Sophomore Class held in Holden Chapel, Thursday, October 7, 1875, Mr. Tufts presided, and the following officers were chosen: Mr. Theodore F. Stimpson, Secretary and Treasurer; Mr. B. F. Harding, Captain and Secretary of the Nine; Mr. Lombard, Captain of the Eleven; Mr. Slade, Secretary of the Eleven. It was voted to discontinue the Class Crew, owing to the existence of the Club crews. It was also voted that the Class Treasurer should be authorized to collect subscriptions for last year's Crew and Nine.

T. F. STIMPSON, Sec'y and Treasurer.THE GLEE CLUB have elected the following associate members: H. Amory, D. C. Bacon, G. H. Bradford, E. T. Hastings, H. P. Jacques, W. F. Kip, S. D. Kittredge, W. Mason, F. Minot, W. C. Riggs, S. Sherwood, E. Stetson, from the Senior Class, and F. T. Brown, M. Bull, N. W. Curtis, A. B. Denny, E. H. Herrick, E. S. Martin, R. S. Sauzade, A. M. Sherwood, W. N. Swift, A. C. Tower, from the Junior Class.

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