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Although there are certain privileges and advantages which should be given to the different athletic organizations, there are also some few rights which should be retained by the body of students. It is now one of the rules of the gymnasium that regularly organized clubs shall at all times have the right of using the apparatus to the exclusion of individuals. This rule is naturally defective to a great extent regarding the chest-weights, and every afternoon after four o'clock it is almost impossible for one who is not fortunate enough to be trying for some crew or nine to get a chance to exercise upon the weights. The university crew and nine should undoubtedly have the right to use the weights at their own convenience; but it does not seem exactly just for the freshman crew and nine and the class crews to monopolize them at a time when they are so much in demand.

If the different organizations would only agree as to the time of using the weights they might use two sets in turn and leave the other two open to individuals. We feel sure that the captain of the nine and crew will see the justice of the suggestion and act accordingly.

Let every advantage be given to, the men who are working for the college or their class, but let them try to use their privileges in such a manner as to interfere as little as possible with the rights of others who desire to exercise.

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