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WITH this number we enclose a programme of the Club races which take place to-morrow at eleven o'clock. The programme is printed on a card, rather than in the columns of the paper, for the greater convenience of our subscribers.

SHINGLES of the Harvard Cricket Club are now ready at 34 Mathews. The officers of the Club are as follows: President, H. E. Teschmacher, '78; Vice-President, C. H. Tupper, L. S.; Secretary and Treasurer, C. Harrington, '78; Captain, E. P. Bruce, '77; Directors, P. C. Chandler, L. S., E. Stackpole, '78, and C. L. Perkins, '79.

THE signal for the boats in the first race to take their positions will be given to-morrow at fifteen minutes before eleven. Any boat not on the line at eleven o'clock will not be allowed to start. Every succeeding race will be called five minutes after the completion of the race next preceding.

THROUGH the carelessness of the authorities in leaving obstructions in the road in front of Matthews, without warning lights, an accident occurred on Monday night, which came near being a very serious thing.

GENTLEMEN who wish to accompany the Nine on their trip to Brown University can make arrangements for tickets at reduced rates with the Treasurer, Mr. William Mason, '76.

PLEASANT rooms and good board can be obtained by students, or their friends and relatives, desiring a comfortable home, by applying at No. 62 Brattle Street, Cambridge.

THE FOOT-BALL ELEVEN expects to play the Yale Eleven at New Haven two weeks from to-morrow. The Princeton match will probably take place some time before the game with Yale.

THE UNIVERSITY NINE play the Rollstones, of Fitchburg, this afternoon on the Boston grounds. The second game in the series with Brown will be played in Providence to-morrow afternoon.

IT is understood that responsible parties will soon open a Bureau of Ornamentation, and that by sending them a stamped envelope and $1, Freshmen can be supplied with a full set of shingles, etc., of the prominent societies.

AN article by Gen. Lister on "Military Drill" has been sent to us too late for insertion in this issue. As it contains statements of much interest to students in general, we have sent it to the Advocate for publication next week.

PROFESSOR (kindly). - What is the matter, Mr. Gray? You look unwell.

SOPHOMORE (with a volume of "Christian Martyrs" in his hand). My breakfast was burned at the steak; that's what's the martyr with me. - Ex.

THE Lee Prizes for reading were assigned last night as follows:-

First Prizes: Schofield, Poor.

Second Prizes: H. R. Sargent, Swayze, Lobsitz, E. Robinson, C. L. Wells.

THE Evening Readings in Ancient and Modern Classics will be given in the History Lecture Room in Harvard Hall, beginning Tuesday, November 2, at 7 1/2 o'clock. The programme, for the present, is as follows:-

Tuesdays: Prof. Child, Canterbury Tales.

Wednesdays: Prof. Goodwin, Agamemnon, to be followed by The Frogs.

Thursdays: Prof. Bocher, Moliere, Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme.

Fridays: Prof. Everett, Virgil.

WE have been requested to ask all undergraduates who have not made out blanks for the Catalogue to call at the Secretary's office and fill out their blanks at once. It adds greatly to the convenience of both the Faculty and the students to have the Catalogue appear at an early date, and no one should thoughtlessly delay its publication.

FOR the sake of reference, we have arranged the following statistics of the weights of the four six-oar crews:-

Matthews Six, - Stroke, 150 lbs.; 2, 180; 3, 185; 4, 160; 5, 170; bow, 159. Port side, 505; starboard, 499. Cox., 114. Total weight, 1, 118 lbs.

Weld Six. - Stroke, 165 lbs.; 2, 160; 3, 161: 4, 160; 5, 153; bow, 160. Port side, 479; starboard, 480. Cox., 125. Total weight, 1, 083 lbs.

Holyoke Six. - Stroke, 168; 2, 168; 3, 170; 4, 162; 5, 152 1/2; bow, 160. Port side, 490 1/2; starboard, 490. Cox., 132. Total weight, 1,117 lbs.

Holworthy Six. - Stroke, 158; 2, 180; 3, 162; 4, 165; 5, 156; bow, 157. Port side, 476; starboard, 502. Cox., 137. Total weight, 1,115.

AS there has been some difference of opinion in regard to the boundaries of the different Boat-Clubs, we have consulted the books, and find the boundaries laid down as follows:-

Weld Club. - Weld and Thayer. Outside, from Kirkland Street to Main Street (inclusive of the latter). Secretary, H. P. Warden, Thayer 15.

Holworthy Club. - Holworthy, Hollis, and Stoughton. Outside, from Garden Street to Kirkland Street (both inclusive). Secretary, F. J. Stimson, H'y 9.

Matthews Club. - Matthews, Grays, and College House. Outside, Mount Auburn Street. Secretary, G. Saltonstall, Matthews 41.

Holyoke Club. - Holyoke, Dolton's and Little's Blocks. Outside, Brattle Street, Harvard Street, and all sections not in the limits of other Clubs. Secretary, W. S. Otis, 25 Holyoke Street.

All men who intend to row in the spring should give notice at once to the Secretary of their Club, in order that places may be reserved for them.

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