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WE, the undersigned, delegates from Harvard and Yale, submit the following rules agreed upon by us to govern play between the two universities in matches played this fall. And we suggest the modified Rugby Rules as a standard to be used in matches after this year.


I. The grounds shall not be more than 400 feet nor less than 300 feet long, and one half the length in width.

II. The goal-posts shall be 20 feet apart.

III. The number for match games shall not exceed 15 nor be less than 11.

IV. Time of game shall be left to the discretion of the captains, but shall in no case exceed two hours, and that side shall be declared victor which, at the end of the allotted time, shall have secured the majority of goals. To secure a goal the ball must pass between the goal-posts and over a cross line 10 feet high.

V. After a goal has been won sides shall be changed and the losing side shall kick off. In the event of no goal being won at the lapse of half an hour, ends shall be changed.

VI. The ball may be caught on the bounce or fly, and carried; the player, so carrying the ball, may be tackled or shouldered, but not hacked, throttled, or pummelled. No player may be held unless he be in actual possession of the ball. No batting with the hands is allowed.

VII. When the ball passes out of bounds the player first touching it shall advance to the point where the ball went out and throw it in at right angles to the line.

VIII. Every player is on-side, but is put off-side if he enters a scrimmage, upon his opponents' side, or, being in a scrimmage, gets in front of the ball, or when the ball has been kicked, touched, or is being run with by any of his own side behind him (that is, between himself and his goal line). Every player when off-side is out of the game, and shall not touch the ball in any case whatever, or in any way obstruct or interrupt any player until he is on-side.

IX. A player being off-side is put on-side when the ball has been kicked by, or has touched the dress or person of any one of the opposite side, or when one of his own side has run in front of him either with the ball or having kicked it when behind him.

X. In kick-offs, the winners of the toss shall have the choice of side or kick-off. The ball must be fairly kicked, not babied, from a point - (to be decided by the captain).

XI. Until the ball is kicked off no player shall be in advance of a line parallel to the line of his goal and distant from it (to be decided by the captains).

XII. The two judges and a referee shall be determined upon by the two captains of the contesting sides.

XIII. In match games a No. 6 ball shall be used, furnished by the challenging side and becoming the property of the victor.

XIV. The ball cannot be taken from off the ground except for a kick, and it must be kicked from the point where it was taken from the ground.

XV. No hacking, throttling, tripping up, or striking shall be allowed under any circumstances. No one shall be allowed to wear projecting nails, metal plates, or gutta-percha on any part of his shoes.

XVI. In case of foul the referee shall throw the ball perpendicularly into the air to a height of at least 12 feet from the place where the foul occurred, and the ball shall not be in play until the ball has touched the ground. On continued transgression of these rules by any player, the side to which he belongs shall lose him.

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