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The lack of fire-escapes on college buildings is a stale subject of animadversion. There are other opportunities of danger equally grave if less palpable; and chief among these is the abominable system of washerwomen which prevails here.

The washing of several students is done in one lot, and the clothes are dried in the open air, thus subjecting them to every chance of infection, whether by direct contact with the soiled linen of some diseased individual or by the subtle chances of contamination from germs carried by the wind, as dust is carried, or brought by flies - notorious sowers of sickness. It would not be very difficult to start a college laundry, a steam laundry, where soiled linen could easily, if necessary, be disinfected, and where at least the sources whence clothes come would be known, and so infection be easily guarded against.

Washing could thus be profitably done, and smaller prices than now obtain; and health, profit and cheapness for once at least join hands. Why should not the co-operative add this enterprise to its many successes instead of subjecting us to the unknown horrors of the Troy laundry.

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