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I AM listening for the echoes,

As they tremble in the gloom, -

Ere they seek the final slumber,

Of the lonely silence's tomb.

Listening while the joyful paean

Fills with hope the weary heart,

Or the gentle chord of sorrow

Bids the throbbing tear to start.

Listening for a tread that comes not,

For a voice that speaks no more,

For the welcome word that tells us

That the waiting time is o'er.

Listening, waiting, hoping, praying,

As the daylight fades to gray,

Sink to rest the vesper echoes,

In the dreamland far away.

ANY one who has in his possession any of the foot-balls belonging to the University Eleven will please return them to 51 Thayer.

SCENE, Friday dinner. - 1ST BOARDER (on discovering a piece of ham in his fish). Well, I'll be dashed if they don't fry their fish in ham!

2D BOARDER (scorning such extravagant conclusion). Fry, man? Why, that was the bait.

SCENE, Pluto's den. - D-N. Well, Mr. X., I sent you six summonses last week; why did n't you come?

SENIOR (affecting great surprise). Why, I thought attendance was voluntary at everything but examinations and prayers!

THE Harvard Assembly, in Dane Hall, holds regular meetings Fridays, at 8 P. M.

Order of the day now pending: "Resolved, that members of secret societies should not be allowed to act as jurors, or serve as witnesses in courts of law." Offered by Mr. Sprigg, of Illinois.

A special meeting of the Assembly was held on Monday, 22d inst., for the purpose of appointing a committee to prepare resolutions of respect for the life of Henry Wilson, Vice-President of the United States. Gentlemen appointed on the committee were: Messrs. Sprigg, of Illinois; Deming and Ross, of New York; Krank, of California; Alspaugh, of Ohio.

Some seventy-five or a hundred new law books by English authors have just been added to the Dane Hall library.

In place of the noon lecture in the Law School on Tuesday last, Mr. Washburn pronounced a eulogy on the late Henry Wilson, which is said by those present to have been very eloquent.

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