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THE gods of Greece they sit in peace

Amidst their mined altars;

Unsought by prayer, no more they care

Whether she stands or falters.

In Nilus' vale no suppliant's wail

Attests his vanished glory;

Unheard his song, he rolls along,

Telling his ancient story.

The Pope of Rome, we hear him drone

His syllabi and speeches;

With leaden ear the people hear,

Unmindful what he teaches.

Old Kaiser Bill still speaks his will

To slaves that bow before him;

But one more word can yet be heard,

An order to adore him.

Good England's queen is only seen,

The nation has gone past her.

Ulysses Grant is heard to want

Third term, and to be master.

In far Chinee they still drink tea,

And worship tinselled pictures.

In Americ the South they seek

To make republics fixtures.

So, since the world thus far has whirled

Without change of direction,

Like Brahma I 'll sit in the sky

And think on my perfection.


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