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BY request of the Art Club we print the following Circular, which they have lately issued:-

The HARVARD ART CLUB proposes to collect a fund for the purpose of founding a Travelling Scholarship.

The holder of the Scholarship shall visit a place or places, determined by the Club, within the regions of ancient culture, to undertake such investigation or exploration as may be practicable. He shall keep a regular journal of his experiences, which shall from time to time be communicated to the Club, shall be their property, and may, if they see fit, be published.

Whatever works of art capable of transportation he may discover, or may be able to obtain with such means as the fund may supply, shall become the property of the Club, and shall be lent by them to the University, on condition that the University provide a room or rooms suitable for the exhibition of such works of art, and that members of the Club have access to the rooms at all times. In event of the dissolution of the Club, all works of art in its possession shall become the property of the University.

The holder of the Scholarship shall be chosen by the active members of the Club, from among the graduates of Harvard University of recent standing. Their choice shall be subject to the approval of the President of the University, and of the Professor of the History of the Fine Arts.

The details of each expedition undertaken on the foundation of the Art Club Scholarship shall be determined from time to time by the action of the Club, subject to the approval of the Professor of the History of the Fine Arts.

In order to secure the means for this Scholarship, the Harvard Art Club solicits subscriptions from the graduates of the College, and from other persons interested in the study of art, of history, and of archaeology. They desire to receive both annual subscriptions and subscriptions to an invested fund. Subscribers of one hundred dollars ($100.00), or more, shall be honorary members of the Club. Subscribers of fifty dollars ($50.00) shall be Associate Members.

The amount subscribed for the Scholarship Fund shall be paid over, from time to time, to the Treasurer of the College, to be held by him under conditions similar to those of other foundations for Scholarships.

An annual account of the receipts and expenditures of the Subscribed Fund shall be sent to every subscriber.

Subscriptions may be sent to and will be acknowledged by

A. C. GURNEE,16 Holyoke House,Cambridge, Mass.,Treasurer H. A. C.Annual subscriptions will be due on the first of October of each year. The second annual subscription will be due October 1, 1876.

The following gentlemen have headed the Subscription List:-

Sub to Fund. Annual Sub.

Charles W. Eliot . . . $50.00

Charles Eliot Norton . . . 50.00 $10.00

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow . . 50.00

James Russell Lowell . . 50.00


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