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S. PAUL'S. - President, J. O. S. Huntington; Vice-President, Harcourt Amory; Secretary, W. L. Chase; Treasurer, W. D. Hodges; Librarian, R. H. Gardiner.

GLEE CLUB. - President, V. Y. Bowditch; Vice-President, J. Wilby; Secretary, F. L. Wellman; Treasurer, E. H. Harding.

C. T. Co. - President, C. P. E. Burgwyn; Vice-President, F. E. Chase; Secretary, H. L. Osgood; Treasurer, J. Wiggins; Directors, J. C. Holman, C. J. Bell, N. A. Thompson, A. St. J. Newbury, Harcourt Amory.

HARVARD FOOTBALL CLUB. - President, M. H. Prince, 75; Secretary and Treasurer, A. B. Denney, '77; Captain, A. B. Ellis, '75; Fourth Member of the Executive Committee (the other three members being the officers of the Club ex officio), W. A. Whiting, '77.

THAYER CLUB. - President, R. H. Dana, Law School; Vice-President, no choice; Directors, H. S. Milton, '75; J. C. Lane, '75; F. E. Chase, '76; W. M. Bradley, '76; G. S. Sykes, '77; A. C. Tower, '77; C. H. Vinton, '78; C. H. Wiswell, '78.

HARVARD READING-ROOM ASSOCIATION. - President, G. G. Gammans, '75; Secretary and Treasurer, F. C. McDuffie, '76; Senior Directors, G. A. Norcross, A. S. Thayer, N. H. Stowe, E. P. Elliot; Junior Directors, G. H. Bradford, G. M. Cumming, J. K. Berry, F. H. Morgan; Sophomore Directors, J. N. Byrne, E. J. Cutler, G. M. Nash, C. Richardson.

PIERIAN SODALITY. - President, F. S. Gould; Vice-President, H. T. Finck; Secretary, G. B. Hosford; Treasurer, H. T. Finck.

Students desiring to join the Pierian are invited to present themselves for examination at the Pierian Rooms, in Holyoke, next Thursday evening.

O. K. - President, R. Montague; Secretary, T. C. Pease; Treasurer, G. F. Canfield; Librarian, A. S. Thayer.

A MEETING of the Freshman Class was held Thursday afternoon in Massachusetts. Mr. Tufts was chosen chairman, and the following class officers were elected:-

President, J. A. Tufts; Vice-President, J. Homans; Secretary, T. F. Stimpson.


Captain, Mr. A. P. Loring; Secretary and Treasurer, Mr. Morgan.


Captain, Mr. Hastings; Secretary and Treasurer, Mr. J. B. Harding.


Captain, Mr. S. Bullard.

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