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THE Tyro has a poem on Millais's "Huguenots" which is decidedly the best undergraduate's production we have seen of late. But we wish that the fair editors of the Tyro would not repay the Yale Record's rudeness in kind.

A FAIR correspondent of the Tripod is exceedingly angry with certain ladies who consider that "no girl with any self-respect would go through a grove with a gentleman after dark." If the young lady be half so pleasing as her literary style, we are ready to practically indicate our assent to her protest at any time that she may choose to designate.

The same sheet remarks that $10,000 has been donated to Hamilton College.

THE Editors of the Niagara Index inform us that in their composition there is not a "single grain of prejudice." To "sound Catholic training" they attribute their elevation above the ordinary level of mankind; to the same cause may no doubt be referred the rare sagacity with which they advocate the cause of public ignorance.

THE Nassau Lit. is bent upon improving the world, if it cannot amuse it. Wordsworth and Ignatius Loyola fill nearly half of the last number, and the impartiality with which praises are showered upon each bears witness to the charity, if not to the discrimination, of our Princeton contemporaries.

A RUMORED translation: De Mortuis nil nisi bonum, - "There is nothing left of the dead but a bone." - Ex.

THE Michigan University Chronicle has been laid under the terrible imputation of being edited by boys. Thus the Chronicle defends its claim to manliness:-

"Before the Courier comments on any other sheet, let it show a cleaner face and more intelligence than can be shook out of the aggregate calibre of the half-dozen human puppets who form its editorial staff."

As an example of mixed metaphor, this is fearfully and wonderfully good. We like the delicate way in which the Chronicle asserts that the editorial staff of the unhappy Courier are bores; but think it unfair for the Chronicle to expect a clean face to be "shook" (shade of Lindley Murray!) out of the barrel of a gun. And let the Chronicle editors have care, lest, in their anxiety to prove themselves men, they fail to show themselves gentlemen.

"LIFE in police courts and before grand juries seems to develop what might be called superb audacity. We lately heard of a prisoner, on trial for the murder of his parents, who made an eloquent and touching appeal for mercy to the jury on the ground that he was an orphan!" - Advance.

"SAM, why don't you talk to your master and tell him to lay up treasures in heaven?" "What's the use of him laying up treasures up dar? He never see um again."

"WHAT brought you to prison, my colored friend?" said a Yankee to a negro. "Two constables, sah." "Yes, but I mean, had intemperance anything to do with it?" "Yes, sah, dey was bof drunk." - Vassar Mis.

Prof. You have, perhaps, observed that when a severe rain-storm suddenly abates at night, the moon casts a greenish reflection and positions itself under the polar star.

Students (hurriedly and in chorus). - Yes, sir; O, yes! certainly.

Prof. (laughing). What?

A painful pause! Cheekiest student of the class repeats, "Yes, sir."

Prof. Gentlemen, you have seen a phenomenon which, until now, was unheard of. - Ex.

RANDOM grabs from the Yale Courant:-

"On Wednesday several Juniors thought it would be a pleasant thing to take the Soldene Troupe out sleighing on Whalley Avenue. A certain classmate heard of it and determined to go them one better. He sent up a card as follows: 'Prof. - would be happy to accompany the ladies about the college grounds, if they are willing.' A Professor was not to be sneezed at, so they 'shot' the boys, who had the pleasure of seeing the 'Prof.' explaining the buildings to the ladies."

"Over one third of the members of '77 attended their class prayer-meeting Sunday."

THE Amherst Student on Col. T. W. Higginson and Harvard:-

"This opinion may be well founded, for we look upon our sister college with much respect; but we fear that the eminent litterateur regards his Alma Mater in the same light that he does himself, with over-appreciation."

Would that we could put in print the peculiar and expressive "Ah," with eyebrow accompaniment, with which the average Harvard man would acknowledge the above compliment. The Student also says: "There are more students in college from Brooklyn, than from any other one place, except Amherst." This is easily explained. Beecher went to Amherst.

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