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IT has been a matter of surprise to me during my association with the University to find not only an indifference to military art in general, but a positive dislike to drill and the use of arms on the part of many students. This is owing, doubtless, to the fact that some who have been connected with schools in which drill was compulsory have been bored by it to the utmost limit of endurance, and on the part of others, that its uses and advantages have never been properly set before them. In the event of the following suggestions being adopted I will endeavor, at the first meeting of students, to give my views upon the importance of military drill to both the above-named classes.

I would recommend that an organization for the purpose of drill according to the latest United States tactics be forthwith established, open to all members of the University, the attendance at the meetings of which shall be purely voluntary, subject only to self-imposed laws.

That a list of those students who wish to join be opened at the Gymnasium, and when a sufficient number have entered to justify the movement, that the license of the Governor of Massachusetts be applied for, to be followed by a requisition for State arms; about which there will be no difficulty, as I understand the organization will be both sanctioned and encouraged by the highest authority in the University.

With the view of promoting such an association as rapidly as possible, I freely offer the result of some years' experience passed, not altogether without honor, during the war for the maintenance of the Union, until the election of the proper company or battalion officers, and, with the consent of the authorities, the use of the Gymnasium for meeting and drill.


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