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THE Magenta Supper is to take place on the evening of April 30, at Ober's.

O. K. SUPPER and initiation of Juniors last evening.

PROF. PALMER'S Wednesday Evening Greek Readings have been resumed.

THE University Nine will play a match with the Chelseas, on the Boston grounds, Saturday afternoon.

A FACETIOUS student lately directed a dispenser of high-priced curs to the Dean's office, much to the amusement of our fun-loving Secretary, who received the inquiring visitor and his troupe of mongrels.

THE games with Uxbridge have advanced but two moves on each side since our last number. The Harvard and Boston Chess Clubs began a game last Friday evening, and stopped playing after the 26th move. Harvard had gained a pawn, and had a slight advantage in position. The game will be finished soon.

APROPOS to the "Centennial," the Boston Post gives us "Veni, vidi, vici, - I came, I saw, I Concord."

IT seems to us that a wire screen might be placed in front of the large window of Memorial Hall, at small expense and to great advantage.

SOME one has suggested that those who slept through the din which ushered in the Centennial in Cambridge must have been sound sleepers.

THE officers of the O. K. from '76 are: President, F. J. Stimson; Secretary, W. L. Chase; Treasurer, A. A. Wheeler; Librarian, G. W. Green.

WE learn that about twenty packages of Peruvian antiquities for our Agassiz Museum of Natural History were received by steamer in New York last Tuesday.

THE Matthews Six, as arranged at present, consists of: Milton, '75 (stroke); Perkins, L. S. S., 2; Hastings, '75, 3; Patton, '77, 4; Weeks, '76,5; Prince, '75 (how).

THE University Nine played a practice game with the Freshman Nine on Jarvis, Thursday afternoon, and defeated them, in eight innings, by a score of twenty-one to one.

ON Monday the 26th inst., Professor Levy will give his conference on "Voltaire" at the rooms of the Cercle Francais. The lecture will begin, as usual, precisely at 8 o'clock.

THE work on the Theatrum of Memorial Hall has begun, and we hope it will be rapidly pushed forward, that our grand Memorial Building may be as imposing without, as it is within.

THE waggish Junior who excitedly held forth to a wondering crowd of fellow-students on the dangers of an elevated sewer during a commercial panic, afterwards explained that he was only referring to a drain on Banks.

MRS. PARTINGTON was greatly shocked on reading in a letter from Ike, '78, that he is connected with the "rifled corpse" at Harvard. She says, with tears in her eyes, she "don't 'spect nothin' at all but what he 'll git to be a body-smasher."

THE Humane Society of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has caused to be placed in the Gymnasium some directions for restoring persons apparently dead from drowning, - a provision, no doubt, against the conversion of our Gymnasium into baths.

IN our report of the Boating Convention at Springfield, we said that Mr. Watson, of Wilkes's Spirit of the Times, was appointed umpire for the next regatta. We have since heard from Mr. Watson that his official connection with that paper ceased some six weeks ago.

ON Monday evening, April 12, a regular meeting of the Athletic Association was held. The Constitution proposed some time ago was adopted with a few amendments; an assessment of two dollars was levied upon all members of the Association, and a committee was appointed to get new members. A letter was read from Mr. William Blaikie, giving advice to men in training.

THE University Foot-Ball Eleven expects to play a match with an eleven composed of Graduates on Tuesday or Thursday of next week. The captain of the Eleven has challenged Princeton to a match, but they will be unable to play before the fall.

SCENE: Recitation, Latin 4. PROF. (to SOPH. reciting), Have you reddet?

SOPH. Read it? Yes, sir.

PROF. You translated it wrong, then.

SOPH. (indignantly). I've read this.

PROF. (beginning to see). Well, you may translate.

WE hear from Exeter that at a fair held there some time since, the prize of a saw-horse to be presented to the laziest individual in town was secured, through the exertions of the Academy students, for their distinguished Professor of Mathematics; also that the Academy ball-grounds have been extended; and that the Faculty intend (less vivid future) to establish "Amusement Rooms," where the students may enjoy the privileges of a reading-room, billiard parlors, etc.

THE Harvard Rifle Corps is in a prosperous condition. Their guns are expected to arrive to-night. The Corps will turn out for rifle practice about the middle of May, and on the 17th of June they will take part in the celebration of the Anniversary of the Battle of Bunker Hill. The officers of the Corps are as follows:-

Major, G H. ELDRIGE. '76

Adjutant, A. B. DENNY, '77.

Co. A. Co. B.

Captain, T W. BARNES, '76. Captain, M. H. PRINCE, '75.

First Lieut., J. Q. A. BRETT, '77. First Lieut.. A. B. Ellis, '75.

Second " W. B. ALLEN, '78. Second "A. B. DENNEY, 77.

A meeting of Co. B will be held on Wednesday, April 28, at 2 o'clock, in Holden Chapel, for the election of a Second Lieutenant.

THE race between the Trial Fours on Saturday was not a great success. The water was very rough, and although the race was rowed, it hardly served to show which was the better crew of the two. The boats crossed the line at the finish full of water, and with their bows almost even, Wetmore's crew leading the other by perhaps a foot. Several of the crews which went down to see the race came to grief on account of the roughness of the water. In making their landing at the Union Boat House, the Holyoke four swamped, much to the discomfiture of the coxswain. The Freshman crew was swamped some distance from the shore, and for a few moments the stroke of the crew, Mr. Littauer, not knowing how to swim, was in some danger. Mr. Morgan, who rowed number two, succeeded in rescuing him, and the rest of the crew reached the shore in safety. The Holworthy six had their boat seriously injured while the crew was landing, but no one was hurt.

IN the last Magenta we gave a table showing the time of high-water for two weeks. As the time of high tide at the boat-house is fully as important as the time in Boston, we continue the table for two weeks more.


Date. Mom. Even. Date. Mom. Even.

h. m. h. m. h. m. h. m.

April 24 . . . 2 15 2 45 May 1 . . . . 8 15 8 45

April 25 . . . 3 3 15 May 3. . . . 9 45 10 15

April 26 . . . 3 30 4 May 4 . . . . 10 45 11

April 27 . . . 4 15 5 May 5 . . . . 11 30 Morn.

April 28 . . . 5 15 6 May 6 . . . . 0 30 0 30

April 29 . . . 6 15 7 May 7 . . . . 0 45 1 15

April 30 . . . 7 15 7 45 May 8 . . . . 1 45 2 15

BY invitation of the Alpha Cricket Club, the Pierian Sodality and Harvard Glee Club will give a Concert in Salem this evening, with the following programme: -


1. Overture, " Jean de Paris," . . . . . BOIELDIEU.

2. Spring's Return . . . . . . V. WEBER.

3. Solo for Clarinet.

4. Tenor Solo.

5. Fleurs Fanees . . . . . . LANGE.

6. The Three Glasses. . . . . . . FISCHER.


1. Allegretto and Minuet, Symphony in G . . . . HAYDN.

2. Ave Maria . . . . . . . ABT.

3. Andante from Trio for Violin, Cello, Piano, - Op. 66, MENDELSSOHN.

4. Chorus of Pilgrims, from "Tannhauser". . . . . WAGNER.

5. Achizehner Marsch. . . . . . . ZIKOFF.

THE following circular letter has just been issued:-

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