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THE near approach of the spring meeting of the Harvard Athletic Association renders energetic action upon the part of its friends absolutely indispensable. The lateness of the season has hitherto precluded out-door exercise to any great extent; there is, however, yet time to practise, and that, too, upon the field on which the contest for prizes will be held, as much depends upon acquaintance with the ground, due allowance for light, and practice in the presence of critical observers, to prepare contestants for the ordeal they must undergo on the 22d.

The time has gone by when heralds passed around the lists, crying, "Do your devoirs, brave knights; bright eyes look upon your deeds," but none the less do bright eyes now glance approvingly upon the hard-run race, the graceful leap, the well-thrown ball, and the prize will be the more valued when applause from fair hands mingles with the cheers that hail the victors in these modern Olympian games.

So much for the romance of the arena. In this matter-of-fact age nothing can be done without material guaranties, which generally mean money, and certainly do in this instance.

The prompt payment of subscriptions is indispensable to the success of the next meeting, as the necessary expenses are considerable; for although the intrinsic value of the prizes may be slight (and more 's the pity), yet they, in conjunction with the erection of temporary accommodation for visitors, etc., form important items of expenditure. Supported as this institution is by the approval of the President and Faculty, useful as it is in itself, and ably managed as it is by its projectors, nothing but the vigorous support of its friends is wanting to make it second to none of the valued associations of the University, the H. R. C. not excepted, which is no faint praise, coming as it does from


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