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PRINCE LEOPOLD is the President of the Oxford Chess Club. Cambridge has won from Oxford two matches out of three; winning in all 32 games out of 42. In the athletic contest the high jump was won by Oxford, the bar being cleared at 5 feet 9 inches. Oxford won the mile race in 4 minutes 34 4/6 seconds; and the quarter-mile in 51 1/2 seconds. In the long jump the Oxford representative cleared 21 feet 1/2 inch. The three-mile race was won by Oxford in 15 minutes 30 2/3 seconds. Can our Athletic Club beat these figures?

THE first number of the Purdue has reached us from Indiana. The most interesting passage which it contains may be seen in the subjoined extract:-

"THE PURDUE will be read in all the principal Colleges in the country, and thus will become a fine medium for Booksellers and Publishers."

We admire the confidence of this assertion; but if the Purdue continues as it has begun, we cannot but doubt its correctness.

THE Cornell Era contains a long letter from Harvard College. It is apparently written by a Cornell graduate, for in almost every line a comparison is drawn between the two Universities, which is almost invariably unfavorable to us. For example, the sign of "John Smith, Groceries and Provisions," and the tones of the ubiquitous hand-organ are said to meet the eye and ear at Cambridge; while a "view of lake and valley stretching miles away," and the "music of the barcadilla, leaping from cliff to cliff," delight the inhabitant of Ithaca. The writer admits, however, that Memorial Hall is "simply magnificent," and that our Library is "managed in a much more liberal way" than that or Cornell. A few more months will no doubt cure him of his weakness for the meretricious attractions of Western New York.

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