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WHEN, once thy mother bids good night,

When the evening shades are there,

And half dressed beneath thy light,

Pepa, thou art bowed in prayer;

At the hour when anxious thought

With a restless sleep is wed;

Ere thy snowy cap is brought

And th' art nestled in thy bed;

When dull sleep its wings unfurl

O'er thy home and over thee, -

Pepita! my charming girl

Sweet, what can thy visions be?

Who knows? Perhaps the heroine

Of some sad tale of love and sighs;

Whatever hope has e'er foreseen

And stern reality belies.

Perhaps dost think on mountains grand

In pain and labor with a mouse;

On lover kings in fairy-land,

On bonbons, husbands with a house.

Perhaps upon some sweet distress

That centres in thy simple thought;

On the last waltz, thy Paris dress;

Perhaps on me, - perhaps of naught.

THE Treasurer of the University Boat Club received this last month $1,000 from Mr. Shaw, manager of the theatricals lately given at Horticultural Hall, thus enabling him to pay all bills of last year, and open a new account for this summer free from debt.

In addition to this there has been collected this month $125, making in all collected this year, $1,320.08.

The assessment of the several classes now stands as follows:-

Class of Assessed. Already subscribed. Still due.

'75 $375 $336 $39

'76 625 438 187

'77 625 511 114

'78 875 568 307

------- ------- -------

$2,500 $1,853 $647

GEORGE H. BRADFORD,Assistant Treasurer.

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