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THE prospects of the University crew are rapidly improving. During the last week they have fallen together much better than heretofore. The stroke seems to be "brightening up," and is pulled through a little better; though it is by no means perfect as yet. The principal fault is that too much importance is given to the "catch" on the beginning, to the detriment of the rest of the stroke.

Passing to the individuals of the crew, No. 2 gets a fine catch, but the middle of his stroke is apt to be a little weak. No. 3 might sit up a little straighter to advantage. No. 4 is apt to "sliver," that is, to turn his oar for the feather before it is well out of the water, which has a tendency to drag the boat down on his side at the end of each stroke. No. 5 has picked up his steering very well, and though it interferes, of course, with his rowing, the only fault to be noticed is a little too much arm-work. Of No. 6 we can only say that he is a new man, and will

probably turn out well.

Although we have enumerated above only the faults of the crew, it must not be thought that they have no merits. On the contrary, the crew this year is probably stronger than that of last year, and if the improvement of the last two weeks is continued, their chances will be very good. We append their measurements:-

Chest. Infl'd. Arm. Up. F. arm. W'ght. Height.

Otis (str.). . . 38 1/4 40 1/4 11 3/4 14 1/2 10 3/4 155 5.9 1/6

Wetmore (2). . . 40 42 14 16 1/4 12 1/8 168 5 10 1/4

Bacon (3).. . . 42 3/4 44 13 1/2 16 11 3/8 176 5.11 1/2

Taylor (4). . . 42 44 13 3/9 16 1/2 13 181 6.0 1/4

James (5). . . 41 43 13 3/8 15 1/4 12 168 6. 0 1/4

Appleton . . . 39 41 1/2 13 15 12 165 5.8 3/4

Thayer (substitute) . 39 41 1/4 13 1/2 15 1/4 12 1/4 159 5 10

Average. . . 40 1/2 42 1/3 13 1/8 15 1/2 12 169 5.10 2/3

Of the Freshman crew we can only say that they need coaching, and a good deal of it. Their new boat is of better model than the last, as the floor runs farther towards the ends; but the men in the boat seem to improve but slowly. The crew is composed of good material, but needs more polish. The stroke waits a little at the beginning of the recover, - a very bad fault, - and there are many other failings among the crew. The swing together is not so perfect as it might be. No. 3 does not pull his stroke through, and wants to get more back into it. However, with some intelligent person to coach them, we need not fear their making a bad record at Saratoga.

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