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Fair Harvard.


FAIR HARVARD! thy sons to thy jubilee throng,

And with blessings surrender thee o'er,

By these festival rites, from the Age that is past

To the Age that is waiting before;

O Relic and Type of our ancestors' worth,

That hast long kept their memory warm I

First flow'r of their wilderness, star of their night,

Calm rising through change and through storm!

To thy bowers we were led in the bloom of our youth,

From the home of our infantile years.

When our fathers had warned, and our mothers had prayed,

And our sisters had blessed, through their tears,-

Then wert thou our parent, -the nurse of our souls,-

We were moulded to manhood by thee,

Till freighted with treasure-thoughts, friendships, and hopes,

Thou didst launch us on Destiny's sea.

When, as pilgrims, we come to revisit thy halls,

To what kindlings the season gives birth !

Thy shades are more soothing, thy sunlight more dear,

Than descend on less privileged earth:

For the good and the great, in their beautiful prime,

Through thy precincts have musingly trod,

As they girded their spirits or deepened the streams

That make glad the fair city of God.

Farewell I Be thy destinies onward and bright!

To thy children the lesson still give,

With freedom to think, and with patience to bear,

And for right ever bravely to live.

Let not moss-covered Error moor thee at its side,

As the world on truth's current glides by;

Be the herald of Light, and the bearer of Love,

Till the stock of the Puritans die.

WE notice that Diogenes has hung his shingle out of a window in the northeast corner of Thayer.

THE following arrangements have been made to play the Yale University Nine: June 26, in Boston; June 28, at New Haven; June 30, on Jarvis Field, if necessary.

A NEW and very neat thing in gravestones has been discovered in New Hampshire. The stone is surmounted by a hand, pointing upwards; beneath may be read these lines: "Gone up."

OFFICERS OF THE CHRISTIAN BRETHREN.- President, E. B. Lefavour, '76; Secretary, S. W. Clary, '77; Treasurer, H. R. Mills, '76; Librarian, A. C. Sheppard, '78.

SENIOR (to PENNSYLVANIAN SOLDIER). How did you like the oration ?

SOLDIER, 'Ration? They did n't give us any rations except what we had in our knapsacks.

WE have received One Hundred Years Ago; or, How the War Began, a series of sketches from original authorities, by Edward E. Hale. The book is rich in anecdote and interesting reminiscence, and will form a valuable souvenir of "Centennial Year," as it contains light gossip, extracts from letters, and song and story which are not to be found in the more pretentious historical works. Published and for sale by LOCKWOOD, BROOKS, & Co., 301 Washington St., Boston.

"Jonah," or "In the Black Whale at Ascalon."

THIS very popular song has been published with the music by C. W. Sever. As almost everybody knows the song and air, it seems sufficient to say that copies can be obtained at Sever's.

THOSE who intend to anticipate the Required Philosophy of Junior year will be examined (at their option) either in Porter's Elements of Intellectual Science, omitting all the fine print, and the following sections: I-23, 33-49, 66-75, 121-133, 175-189, 197-243, 298-245, or in Hamilton's Metaphysics (Bowen's Edition), omitting the following pages: 26-70, 248-267, 279-297, 389-408, 442-455, 489-498. Notice of the course chosen must be given to the Dean with the notice of intention to anticipate. For the anticipation of Logic the book will be W. S. Jevon's Elementary Lessons, omitting chapters IV., VI., VII., XI., XIII., XXIII., XXXII., XXXIII.

THE College Athletic Sports at Saratoga will this season be conducted under the auspices of the Saratoga Rowing Association. The games will take place on the day following the Regatta.

The following will be the programme of events: 1. One-mile run. 2. One-mile walk. 3. Three-mile run. 4. Seven-mile walk. 5. One-half-mile run. 6. Three-mile walk. 7. One-hundred-yard dash. 8. Three-mile run. 9. One-hundred-twenty-yard hurdle. 10. Seven-mile walk. Numbers 3 and 10 are open only to graduates.

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