TO-NIGHT is Graduates' Night at the Pi Eta.

SENIOR Autograph Albums are not considered necessary by Seventy-Five.

THE Seniors are especially requested to appear in dress-suits on Commencement.

THE Germania Band and Orchestra will furnish the instrumental music for Class Day.

THE Harris Fellowship and the Graduates' Scholarship are open this year to the graduating class.


THE third Yale-Harvard Freshman game will be played to-morrow (Class Day) at Springfield.

THE Librarian of the H. P. C. requests that all men having books out will return them immediately.

THE fire-works in the Yard on Tuesday evening were generally enjoyed, and showed us the grounds in a different light.

THERE are thirty-one competitors for the Boylston Declamation Prizes, that are to-day being striven for in Appleton Chapel.

IN another column will be found a metrical translation of one of the odes of Anacreon, in the same metre and of the same number of lines as the original.

Now that Exeter Academy men are pulling in a Harvard boat, we hope to get as good "oars" as we do scholars from that ancient and honorable institution.

MEMBERS of the graduating class who wish The Crimson sent to them next year may leave their names and addresses with either one of the present editors, or at Sever's.

IT will add greatly to the appearance of both buildings and yard, if students rooming on the Yard will see that their rooms, including bedrooms, are illuminated Class-Day evening.

THE first shooting match of the Harvard Rifle Club took place on Saturday. The first prize was taken by R. Tallant, '77; the second prize by J. R. Reed, of the Law School; the third by R. A. Bullock, also of the Law School. The prizes were a silver pitcher, a silver goblet, and a silver ash-tray.

THE Yale Freshmen have voted not to send a crew to Saratoga. A short time ago the Freshman crew was an excellent one, but it has been seriously affected by the loss of its stroke, Chandler, who has been taken into the University, and by the withdrawal of three others.

COMMENCEMENT parts have been assigned to the following Seniors; G. F. Canfield, oration, "Plato's Moral Philosophy"; A. S. Thayer, oration, "Are Time and Space subjective?" J. S. O'Callaghan, oration, "Fatalism"; H. Preble, Latin oration; R. Montague, dissertation, "The Platonic Idea"; W. T. Campbell, dissertation, "The Evolution of Musical Thought"; N. Taylor, disquisition, "State Rights."