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WE take great pleasure in laying before the College the following challenge. Between Columbia and Harvard there is always the most cordial good-will; and we sincerely trust that the H. U. B. C. will be able to send an affirmative answer.

To the President of the Harvard University Boat-Club.

DEAR SIR, - At a meeting of the Columbia College Boat-Club, held on the 26th inst., a Resolution was passed authorizing the President of the Club to challenge the Harvard University Boat-Club to an eight-oared shell race, to be rowed at any time after June 26, 1877; the place and distance to be left to the choice of Harvard.

In pursuance to that Resolution I now issue such a challenge. Hoping it may meet with favorable consideration, I am, sir,

Very truly yours,


President C. C. B. C.NEW YORK, May 29, 1877.

JAVIS is to be fenced.

No Bowdoin prizes were awarded this year.

SENIORS can get their Sophomore themes at 39 M.

THERE will be a match with the Cambridge team to-morrow.

THE Holworthy Crew has been added to the list of Senior photographs.

DR. PEABODY will deliver the Adelphic Union Address at Williams this year.

THE whole number of applicants for rooms on the sub-Freshmen's list was 128.

THE next game with Princeton will be played on Holmes's Field, Saturday, June 9.

SEASON-TICKETS to the Base-ball Grounds may be had at 11 W. Price, $ 1.50. No single tickets will be sold.

COMMENCEMENT parts have been assigned to the following: Barnes, Gooding, Tiffany, Tillinghast, White, Woodberry.

MR. NORTON desires the members of his courses in Fine Arts to deposit blank-books at the Secretary's office before Monday next.

TO-DAY is the last day of receiving applications for Scholarships, or for aid from the Beneficiary Fund, also for Final Honors.

NOTHING is more soothing to the nerves of one cramming for the annuals than the click of the lawnmower under his window.

THE pictures of the crew in their boat were taken by Mr. Black yesterday. Four negatives were taken, and a good picture is confidently expected.

OFFICERS of the Institute from '8; G. Griswold, President; R. Bacon, Vice-President; W. T. Blodgett, Secretary; A. W. Hooper, Treasurer; E. Brooks, Librarian.

THE game with the Lowells, on Wednesday last, resulted as follows: Runs, Lowells 12, Harvards 8; base hits, Harvards 16, Lowells 12; errors, Lowells 9, Harvards 19.

SUBSCRIPTION for the University Crew, June 1: -

Subscribed. Paid.

Seniors, $715.00 $542.00

Juniors, 792.00 550.50

Freshmen, 873.50 688.50

Sophomores, 966.00 728.00

Others, 228.50 171.50

----------- -----------

$3,575.00 $2,680.50

It will be seen that $894.50 still remains unpaid. To save the crew from running in debt again every dollar of that amount will be required. I therefore urge upon subscribers the necessity of paying at once.

H. J. HARWOOD, Ass't. Treas. H. U. B. C.

THE Directors of Memorial Hall Association advertise for an Assistant Auditor.

IT would be a profitable expenditure for the Corporation to put in a few new planks in the stairs of Stoughton, Hollis and College House next summer.

THE officers of the Holyoke Boat-Club for the ensuing year are: W. M. LeMoyne, President; C. O. Brewster, Captain; C. M. Weld, Secretary and Treasurer.

AT the class-meeting of '80, on Monday, Mr. R. Bacon was elected Captain of the Nine, in place of Mr. Holden resigned. Mr. E. Kimball was elected scorer.

WE are requested to remind those who elect French for the first time that they must see the Instructor beforehand if they wish their choice of that elective to be effective.

THE Bursar will make out his bills on June 10, after which an assistant will be at Memorial Hall to receive the money for all extra orders, and no orders will be taken except for cash.

THE Class Secretary desires us to remind Seniors that Commencement is rapidly approaching, and that there are still a large number who have not handed in their "lives" and circulars.

THE work on the tower of Memorial Hall is being done by Ware and Van Brunt, the architects. Windows are to be put in on the sides and a number of small turrets, one above the other, on each corner.

THE University Nine will play the Browns to-morrow afternoon, on the field back of the Scientific School. Only those having coupon tickets will be admitted to seats.

THE Freshman Nine played the Eagle Club of Exeter, in that town, on Wednesday, defeating them by a score of 8 to 6. Mr. B. F. Harding, '78, pitched on the Eagle Nine.

AT a recent meeting of the Holworthy Boat-Club these officers were chosen for the ensuing year: A. P. Loring, '78, Captain; W. E. Russell, '77, President; G. H. Davis, '79, Secretary.

AT a meeting of the Weld Boat-Club on Tuesday evening the following officers were elected for the coming year: J. T. Coolidge, '79, President; H. Townsend, '80, Secretary; W. Sheafe, '79, Captain.

A FRESHMAN was heard to inquire of what possible utility was the iron fire-escape to the occupants of the upper story of Holyoke. Many a Senior or even graduate has confessed his inability to answer this conundrum.

WERE it commonly known that sitting on college fences is what is technically called a "Yale trick," there is no doubt the recently developed fence-roosting mania would cease to find favor in the sight of all respectable undergraduates.

ON Saturday, May 26, the Brown and Harvard Freshman Nines played on Holmes's Field. At the end of the eighth inning, when the game was called on account of the rain, the score stood: Brown Freshmen, 14; Harvard Freshmen, 4.

OWING to the resignation of Professor Adams the following changes have been made in the History electives: History 6 has been withdrawn; Dr. Emerton will have History 2; Dr. E. Young, History 3 and 4; Dr. Lodge, History 5 and 7.

A HUGE, half-clad figure was seen looming up a few nights ago in one of the windows of a college building not far from Holyoke Street. Much discussion arose among the bystanders whether a camel or weasel or human being. Subsequent investigations found it to be a modest and unassuming member of one of the upper classes.

IF owners of pianos realized the difficulty their neighbors have in comprehending and appreciating at the same time the airs from Madame l'Archiduc and the antinomies of pure reason, they would perhaps exercise more discretion in their choice of a season for displaying their musical skill.

HIGH tide at the boat-house for the next two weeks as follows: -

June 2 4.35 P. M. June 9 9.50 A. M.

June 3 5.20 P. M. June 10 10.35 A. M.

June 4 6.05 P. M. June 11 11.35 A. M.

June 5 7.05 P. M. June 12 12.20 P. M.

June 6 7.50 P. M. June 13 1.05 P. M.

June 7 8.35 P. M. June 14 2.05 P. M.

June 8 9.20 P. M. June 15 3.05 P. M.

THE H. U. R. C. shot a match last Saturday for a cup which is to be won three times before becoming the property of the winner Below is the score. As this was the first match of the series, Mr. F. T. Brown is for the present the holder of the cup.



Tallant, 4 4 4 4 4 4 3 5 4 4 - 40

Whiting, 0 3 4 4 0 4 3 4 0 2 - 24

Richardson, 2 2 3 3 2 3 3 3 0 3 - 24

Powel, 4 3 5 2 5 4 3 4 3 5 - 38

Parker, 3 3 4 4 3 5 5 4 2 4 - 37

Brown, 3 5 5 3 4 4 4 4 5 5 - 42

Stebbins,3 4 5 5 4 3 4 4 3 3 - 38

Butler, 4 3 4 4 4 3 2 2 5 3 - 34

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