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THE Blue Books are again in our midst.

ONE call-boy at the Library is not sufficient.

THE Glee Club have given their Haverhill concert.

A MEMOIR of General W. F. Bartlett, '62, by F. W. Palfrey, '51, is announced.

BULLETIN No. 5 is now ready at the Library. This is the first bulletin of the year, and subscriptions are now payable. The price is the same as last year. - twenty-five cents for four bulletins.

THE appearance of the Index has been unavoidably postponed until the first part of December.

WE are requested to state that the next number of the Advocate will be ready at 12 M. next Wednesday.

AT the Abington concert the students were introduced as "the Harvard Glee Club and Pe-erian Sociality."

RUMOR hath it, that '80, not satisfied with the Harvard Glass-Ball Club, is endeavoring to start a Byclicling Club.

THE performance of the Pierian Sodality at the Shepard Memorial Church last evening is highly spoken of.

UNLESS there is a decided change in the weather next week, the float will not be taken up until some time in December.

WE wish to remind our contributors that they must send us their own names with their articles, and write only on one side of the paper.

IT is a pretty bad sign when at this late day a man walks boldly up to the southwest door of the Library before he discovers his mistake.

OUR careless contemporary, the Lampoon, is running through the mill a little behind on this week; but its advent is expected hourly.

ALL members of the University who desire to try for the Ball Nine are requested to meet the Captain at Matthews 12, on next Tuesday evening, at 7 o'clock precisely.

THE hat-room of the Library, judging from the numerous notices of lost and misappropriated property, is rapidly becoming an unsafe depository for a respectable hat.

PROFESSOR PALMER will read the sixth book of the Odyssey on the first Wednesday after Thanksgiving recess, and it will probably be the last of his series of readings this year.

THE practice of taking the wrong hat from the Library or Memorial Hall is of too frequent occurrence to warrant the supposition that carelessness is the cause of such action.

NEW books as they arrive in the Library are now placed in a bookcase on the central desk of the Reading-Room instead of being allowed to lie promiscuously scattered on the table, as heretofore.

THE statements in the last Advocate about the race with Columbia were incorrect. Columbia's challenge has not been accepted, and no agreement has yet been made as to what men shall be eligible for the crews.

AT the last match of the H. U. R. C. Mr. Butler, '79, and Mr. Russell, '79, tied at 40, but Mr. Butler received the cup on the Creedmoor rules. Mr. H. W. H. Powel has been elected captain of the team.

THE College Telegraph Company have elected the following officers: President, J. H. Stebbins, Jr., L. S. S.; Vice-President, E. Robinson, '79; Secretary, H. N. Kinney, '79; Treasurer, C. H. Whiling, '79.

"Sweeter to enslave

Than to obey,"

said the cruel Sophomore, as he locked in the coal-closet the boy from the Secretary's office, and threw his last summons into the fire.

THE following duplicates are marked for sale at the Library: Die Quellen Plutarchs in den Biographicen der Romer; Monimenta Gildhallae Londoniensis, Liber Primus; Calendar of State Papers (English) from 1569 to 1571; Voyage d'Exploration a la Mer Morte, par M. le Duc de Luynes.

JUST at present there are not so many men joining the Athletic Association as could be wished. We advise all those who intend to enter for the winter and spring meetings to put down their names immediately, as it will add very much to the convenience of the officers.

H. R. C. - The Freshman company of this corps elects its officers at the Gymnasium on Tuesday next, November 27, at 6.30 P. M. No names will be admitted to the roll after Friday, November 23. The company has seventy-five members, but it is desirable to increase the signatures to the constitution to one hundred, when two companies will be organized.

THE late Dr. Martyn Paine has bequeathed the bulk of his property to Harvard College. It is not to be used until the income shall amount to $8,000. It is to be employed as follows: $4,800 will be divided among sixteen scholarships, four in each class, to be known as Robert Troup Paine Scholarships. $1,500 to be devoted to prizes for essays on various subjects, and the remainder ($1,700) is to go to the Library, - $800 to be spent in buying books and $900 to be set aside as an accumulating fund.

THE subject for the second forensic of the second section of the Senior class is as follows: "Is it true that, as the boundaries of science are enlarged, the empire of the imagination is diminished?" References: Hazlitt's Lectures on the English Poets, Lecture I. Edinburgh Review, Vol. 21, art., Madame de Stael sur la Litterature. Christian Examiner, Vol. 24, art., Influence of Christianity and Civilization on Epic Poetry. The forensic is to be handed in on the third Tuesday in January.

THE captain of the Freshman crew has sent a challenge to the Yale Freshman, but has not yet received an official answer. A challenge has also been sent to Columbia. Twenty-three men are now training. They are at present using the Gymnasium, but the University have offered them the use of their rowing-machines as soon as they are set up at the boat-house.

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