THE modern Casabianca, - our efficient and ever-punctual janitor.

AN illogical Sophomore is afraid of a condition in Soph-history.

SOME of the broken windows in Hollis have already been mended.

IT was the same man who said that things had changed astonishingly in a couple of centuries. In the seventeenth century Bunyan produced the Pilgrim's Progress; in the nineteenth the progress of pilgrims produces bunions.

WHEN the fire broke out, the President was attending a meeting of the Corporation in Boston, and was informed by telegram that Hollis was in flames. It is currently believed that the meeting was suddenly and precipitately adjourned.


INSTRUCTOR IN HISTORY. The prefect was at first a general, and afterwards exercised his office in a general sort of way. Now, Mr. - , can you tell me what were the duties of the prefect?

MR. - (following the Instructor's lead). He imposed fines; and, I believe his decisions were final.

THE origin of the custom of publishing and peddling intermittent editions of standard works is ancient and honorable. Into what degenerate hands has fallen this once noble occupation!

"Homer not only divided his great work into twenty-four books, but, according to the opinion of some very sagacious; critics, hawked them all separately, delivering only one book at a time (probably by subscription). He was the first inventor of that art, which hath lain so long dormant, of publishing by numbers, - an art now brought to such perfection that even dictionaries are divided and exhibited piecemeal to the public; nay, one bookseller hath (to encourage learning and ease the public) contrived to give them a dictionary in this divided manner for only fifteen shillings more than it would cost entire." - Fielding.

Two hundred exceedingly valuable French works have been received at the Library in the last week.

THE scheme for the mid-year examination is as follows. The places at which some of the examinations will be held have not yet been decided upon. All those who discover conflicts in this scheme are requested to give notice of them immediately at the Secretary's office:-

The examinations begin on Saturdays at 9 A. M., and on other days at 10 A. M. Recitations are omitted for Sophomores from the 6th to the 26th inclusive; for Juniors from the 7th to the 26th inclusive; for Seniors from the 7th to the 26th inclusive.

Monday, Feb. 7th. SOPH. PRESC. HISTORY, M. L. H.

Tuesday, 8th Philosophy 5, M. U. H.

Wednesday, 9th, Classics 2.