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IT is with pleasure that we hear of the flourishing condition of the New York Harvard Club. That association now numbers over two hundred members; and every Harvard graduate residing in New York is earnestly requested to join. The Club invites all Harvard undergraduates to their annual dinner, which takes place at New York on Friday, February 18. At the last annual meeting held at New York on the 11th inst., the election of officers for the ensuing year resulted as follows:-

President, Joseph H. Choate.

Vice-Presidents, Henry W. Bellows, John O. Sargent, James L. Goodridge.

Secretary, Francis M. Weld.

Treasurer, T. Frank Brownell.


Executive Committee, James C. Carter, Henry Stone, Nathaniel A. Prentiss, Franklin Bartlett, Francis R. Appleton.

Committee for the Annual Dinner, Thomas Kinnicutt, Nathaniel A. Prentiss, Henry W. Poor, Nathaniel S. Smith, Franklin Bartlett, Artemas H. Holmes.