- The expenses of the Foot-Ball Club last year were $859.75.

- The report of the formation of an undergraduate Rifle Club is false.

- W. W. Collier, of Penn Tan, N. Y., has been elected captain of the University crew.

- A Yale Book, on the plan of the Harvard Book, published two years ago, is soon to appear.

- A canvass of the Junior class shows eighty-six votes for Hayes, thirty-one for Tilden, and three for Peter Cooper.


- The Tilden men in the Junior class have formed a political club, and named it "The Sumner Club," after Professor W. G. Sumner.

- The Sophomores are divided as follows in their political preferences: For Hayes, 124; for Tilden, 24; for Cooper, 1; don't care, 2.

- Two Sophomores have received a leave of absence from college for the offence of assisting some Freshmen in retiring at a seasonable hour.

- The captain of the Yale University crew proposes to put two six-oared crews into practice, from which he can select the eight to row Harvard next summer. A race will probably occur between these crews in two or three weeks.

- In the fall races at Lake Saltonstall, October 14, the six-oared race between the class crews was won by '77, time 13: 27 1/4; the single-scull race was easily won by Livingston in 16:02 1/4; the six-oared race between the Academic and Scientific Freshmen was won by the former in 14: 07; the four-oared shell-race between '77 and '79 was won by '79 in 21: 05 3/4.

Cornell.- The Cornell Navy is $2,000 in debt.

- Nearly $1,100 have been subscribed, chiefly in New York, to send the Cornell crew to England next spring.

- Professor Russel has entered upon his duties of President of the University during the absence of President White.

- President White delivered an address to the students, and held a reception for the Seniors before he sailed for Europe.