FALL races October 28, at 11.30 A. M.

PROFESSOR SMITH will edit the Catalogue.

SEVEN Seniors are graduates of other colleges.

THE cups for the winners in the scratch-races are ready at Weld 2.

A FOOT-BALL Match between '79 and '80 is looked for this autumn.


WHITE flannel trousers, instead of rowing drawers, are used by the English crews.

A FRESHMAN cut prayers because he was afraid a a contribution would be taken up.

AN iron target will probably be bought by the Rifle Club for their range at Mt. Auburn.

THE foot-ball match with Canada has been postponed on account of the procession, until October 30.

BETWEEN 700 and 800 tickets have been sold for the Thomas concerts in the Sanders Theatre.

ALL STUDENTS who have not yet filled out a slip for the Catalogue, are desired to do so at once.

TWO old members of the Nine have returned to college, and may be induced to play next Spring.

FOOT-BALL match to-morrow, Saturday, at 11.15 A. M., between the University and a picked team.

JUNIOR Forensics will be handed in as follows:- Div. I, Nov. 14; Div. II, Nov. 21, Div. III, Nov 25, and Div. IV, Dec. 5.

STUDENTS are notified that, in order to ensure sufficient space for their comfortable accommodation in St. John's Chapel, both transepts will hereafter be reserved for them.