- The Freshmen have organized a Glee Club of twenty-two members.

- The Glee Club numbers sixteen members, and is said to sing very well.

- The college clock on the new Chapel strikes the hours, half-hours, and quarter-hours.

- The rule forbidding any student to take part in public theatricals during term-time has been revived.

- Nineteen members of the class of '76 are continuing their studies in New Haven. Five are in the Law School, four in the Medical School, eight in the post-graduate department, and two are studying theology.

Princeton.- The prizes for rank in Sophomore year aggregate $ 490.

- Fifty volumes per day represents the extent to which the library is used.

- The Scientific course will hereafter extend over four years; German is one of the requirements, and there are elective studies in the Senior and Junior years.

- The new Catalogue shows an attendance of 8 Fellows, 106 Seniors, 87 Juniors, 127 Sophomores, 97 Freshmen, 47 Scientific scholars, - total 472.

- The Experimental Science Fellowship will not be given this year, owing to the fact that the investment from which the money is obtained pays no dividend at present.

Williams.- The Nine have begun their gymnasium practice.

- A Senior Shaksperian Reading Club has been formed.

-Forty-one dollars worth of prizes were given to the successful contestants in the athletic sports.

- Professor Tenney intends to lead a college exploring party of fifteen to the Rocky Mountains during the coming summer. The objects of the expedition are to give practical instruction to the students, to make collections for the college, and to advance science.