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WITH the class of '75 graduated many of the best singers in the Glee Club, and as the later classes have provided but few members, the club is not in as good a condition as it was a year or two ago. The lack of first tenors is the great difficulty which the club has to contend against at present, and it is to be hoped that the desired material may be found in '79 or in the next Freshman class.

Notwithstanding this difficulty, however, the concert of last Monday evening was very successful, almost every song receiving an encore. It is a pity that the club should not have encores prepared, as they have been obliged to repeat the same song when recalled by the audience. The Harvard Glee Club is always encored on principle, but its hearers do not always care to listen to the same thing twice.

Mr. Babcock's bass solo was quite enthusiastically applauded, and formed one of the best features of the entertainment; his voice seems to have improved considerably since last year.

The College songs are always favorably received, and it is a pity that more of them are not sung. Messrs. Butler and Denton sang solos which were well applauded, and Mr. Livingood rendered the "Yaller Gal" with great effect.

The Pierian Sodality kept up to their usual standard, and showed a good deal of practice and care in the execution of their pieces. Fesca's trio for piano, violin, and violoncello was well rendered by Messrs. Dean, Towne, and Finck, respectively. Rossini's Fantaisie pour Clarionet was also received with favor.

The programme contained, besides the pieces already mentioned, the overture to Figaro's Hoehzeit, by Mozart; Lied ohne Worte, No. 18, by Mendelssohn; Symphonie II. of Haydn; and the Vogesen Grand March of Zikoff, given by the Pierian; Hunter's Joy, by Astholz; Galopp, by Bishoff; Spring Night, by Fischer; and Weimar's People's Song, by Liszt, given by the Glee Club.

After the concert the Pierian Sodality played for dancing, which proved a very pleasant termination of the evening.

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