ON Saturday the University Nine played their second game with the Live Oak Club of Lynn. The first game resulted in our favor by a score of 14 to 9, but last Saturday the Live Oaks turned the tables on us. A glance at the score will tell the whole story, - sharp fielding and weak batting on the part of our opponents, and fair batting, but poor fielding, by our nine.

In the first inning, by good clean batting, aided by three errors of their opponents, Harvard scored four runs, two of which were earned. The Live Oaks then made their unearned runs on errors of Sawyer, Wright, and Tyng. In the next three innings the Live Oaks were retired in one, two, three order, while in the fourth we added one run to our score by a base hit of Tower's. The fifth inning was disastrous to us, for after whitewashing our nine the Live Oaks scored five unearned runs on errors of Leeds, Thatcher, and Tyng. The next two innings added nothing to our score and one to that of our opponents. In the eighth it looked as if we might win. Leeds and Wright led off with base hits, Dow followed with a slow grounder towards third, which the pitcher threw over the first-base man's head, letting in Leeds and Wright and sending Dow to third. Ernst then struck a grounder to the short-stop, who threw it to first in time to put out Ernst, and Dow was caught while foolishly attempting to run home. Tower closed the inning with a foul fly to catcher. The ninth inning resulted in a blank for both nines.

Ernst's pitching was even more effective than usual, but five base hits being made on it, while Thatcher caught without a passed ball. Wright played first base with only one error, and that a very excusable one. Tyng made three bad errors, and Leeds and Sawyer two each. In the eighth inning Leeds atoned in some measure for his errors in the first part of the game, by making a wonderful running catch of a low fly. Tower led the batting. Of the Live Oaks, Stratton, Shattuck, and Coggswell did most of the fielding.

The following is the score:-


R. 1B. PO. A. E.

Stratton, S. 2 1 3 6 1

Hall, C. 2 0 1 1 0

Tipper, L. 2 0 1 0 0

Bradley, P. 1 1 1 2 2

Hawkes, B. 0 1 3 3 0

Caskins, M. 0 0 1 0 0

Cogswell, H. 1 0 5 0 1

Shattuck, A. 0 1 12 0 0

Wilson, P. 1 1 0 0 1