A Dawning.

THE day had turned into night,

For the sun sank into the sea, -

A friend, once true, had been false to me,

And my life was a deadly blight.

The night has turned into day,


For the sun rose up from the sea, -

The love that dawned in my heart for thee

Has driven my grief away.

L. L. E.THE colors of an A. M. are cherry.

O. K. Strawberry night, Monday, June 19.

STOUGHTON has received a new coat of paint.

PUDDING Strawberry night, Tuesday, June 20.

SPEAKING for Boylston Prizes, Thursday evening, June 22.

THE Sanders Theatre will be opened Commencement Day.

PAINE'S Centennial Hymn will be sung by the Glee Club on Class Day.

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