- The two-mile barge-race was won by Seventy-nine in 13.01; the pair-oared race in 8.02 3/4; the single-scull race in 14.42 3/4.

- An amendment to the Constitution of the University Base-Ball Club, whereby the Nine shall choose their own captain, has been proposed.

- A coalition has been formed between the two Junior societies and the Yale Literary Magazine Board in reference to the officers for the Promenade Concert.

- The following table shows the comparative baseball averages of Yale and Harvard.

Games won, Yale, 18. Opponents, 5.

Base-hits, Yale, 198. Opponents, 124.

Average errors per game, Yale, 6.09. Opponents, 13.04.

Games won, Harvard,22. Opponents, 10.

Runs, Harvard,243. Opponents, 108.

"In comparing these records, the reader should bear in mind that the Harvards, although they suffered the most defeats, played with much stronger nines than Yale did."

Amherst. - The College has received a perfect specimen of the Coney from Natal, Africa.

- The Glee Club are to be hereafter excused from Rhetoricals. "The entire Musical Association is to be divided into three classes, members of the Glee Club constituting the first class, all those who can read music readily, including the members of the elementary class of last year, compose the second class, and the remainder the third class. The best singers in the second class will be advanced into the Glee Club whenever vacancies occur, and the third class will be merged into the second as rapidly as possible."

Trinity. - One Junior, seven Sophomores, and thirty-two Freshmen have entered this year.

- A new boat-house is to be built.