THE first match game of the season was played with the Tufts Eleven Tuesday last on the Union grounds, Boston. The day was unusually clear, with only a slight breeze blowing from the northwest, - a perfect day for foot-ball. If the weather had been fair on Saturday, the day originally appointed for the game, the grounds would have been well filled; as it was, there were about 1,000 present.

The game had been looked forward to with much interest; the team was largely composed of new men, and it was felt that victory now was necessary to give them confidence for the games to be played this fall. May like success attend them in all their struggles! The game was decided in their favor, they scoring three goals and two touch-downs to their opponents nothing.

No one could have anticipated such a result from casual observation of the two teams before the game. The Tufts men, though perhaps not as heavy as their opponents, were evidently older, and were a wiry set of men. While watching the progress of the game, however, it was easy to see the secret of our success: both sides had some very fine individual players; but the Tufts men did not play well together, while our men did great things by playing well into each other's hands in passing the ball, etc.

The game was called at about a quarter past three o'clock, and there were two innings of about three quarters of an hour each.


First Half. - Tufts had the kick-off, with a slight breeze quartering against them. No real advantage was gained by either side, though there was some brilliant running and kicking. Still, the ball seemed to show some partiality to the region of Tufts' goal. Two touch-downs were claimed by Harvard, but not allowed.

Second Half. - This time there was much livelier playing on both sides. Blanchard kicked off for the Harvards, and the advantage seemed to be greatly in their favor. First, Blanchard made a goal from a drop-kick out in the field. Bacon quickly followed this up by a touch-down. From this a goal was successfully kicked by Cushing. After some fine running, and a good deal of scrambling, Blanchard got the ball, and he made the third and last goal by a splendid drop-kick. Soon afterwards a touch-down was made by Bacon. Of the Tufts men Eaton, Fuller, and Perry played especially well. The feature of the game, however, was the running and dodging of Cushing, and the drop-kicking of Blanchard. Holden and Bacon also did some good work.


The teams were made up as follows: -

Tufts. - Rushers, S. C. Campbell, '78; Max-field, '79; Perry, '79; Ralph, '79; Donovan, '80. Tends and Half-Tend, W. Campbell, '78; Towers, '78; Munroe, 79; Pearce, '80; Friend, '81; Eaton, '80; Fuller, '79; Wells, '79; Squires, '78; Hall, '81.

Harvard. - Rushers, Atkinson, '81; Tebbets, '80; Houston, '79; Littauer, '78; Perry, '79; Holmes, '79; Swift, '79. Half-Tends, Austin, '79; Blanchard, Med. S.; Cushing, '79; Osborne, '80; Holden, '80. Tends, Lombard, '78; Bacon, '80; Sheldon, '79.

Umpire for Tufts, Mr. Cushman, '78.

Umpire for Harvard, Mr. W. E. Russell, '77.

Referee, Mr. C. Harrington, Med. S.