A NEW lamp-post has been placed in front of the Hasty Pudding Club.

QUERY, "Who did write the review of Mr. Bowen's book, in the last Nation?

THE first Cambridge Assembly will be given on December 21.

THE Steward of Memorial Hall wishes all those who intend to remain in Cambridge during the vacation to give him notice. The hall cannot be kept open unless at least one hundred and fifty students board there.


OF the Freshman base-ball games that have been played between Yale and Harvard, Yale has won 13 and Harvard 8. Of the University games we give a list on the next page.

SUBSCRIPTIONS for the University Crew are as follows, to Dec. 5 :-


Subscribed. Paid.

Seniors $349.00 $79.00

Juniors 658.00 61.00

Sophomores 835.00 54.00

Freshmen 500.00 22.00

----------- ----------

$2342.00 $216.00

OVER four hundred copies of "Harvard and its Surroundings" have been subscribed for already. The first edition of one thousand copies will be ready in January. Subscriptions will be received by Moses King, 12 Story Street, and Thomas P. Ivy, 29 Matthews.