THE measles are prevalent in college.

THE New York Harvard dinner took place yesterday evening.

THE fifth concert in the Sanders Theatre occurred Wednesday evening.

THE Freshman crew are endeavoring to arrange a race with the Union Boat Club.

MR. BULL, '77, has resigned the office of Secretary of the Associate Members of the Glee Club.


THE Pierian Sodality are preparing for a concert, which is expected to take place in about a month.

A PARCEL of little muckers were very anxious to go up on the Matthews Alligator the other day.

PROFESSOR NORTON'S evening reading will be omitted next Tuesday.

MR. PAUL SHOREY, '78, has discovered a method whereby the process in qualitative analysis is much shortened.

MR. A. M. SHERWOOD, '78, has resigned the Secretaryship of the H. U. B. C., and Mr. W. Trimble '79, has been elected to fill his place.

THE winter meetings of the Harvard Athletic Association will take place on the second, third, and last Saturdays in March, at 11 A. M. We have received the list of rules too late for publication.

THE following men are trying for positions on the Holyoke crew: Messrs. Donaldson, Hastings, Balch, Brewster, Griswold, Stiles, Slade, Rogers, Watson, and Willison.

THE first nine of the Hasty Pudding Club from '78 are: Messrs. J. Parker, W. S. Otis, W. A. Bancroft, J. Homans, F. W. Thayer, A. P. Loring, E. Blaine, N. P. Bond, F. O. de Billier.

THE following men are trying for positions on the University Nine: Ernst and Tyng, '76; Annan, Dow, Latham, Leeds, and Sawyer, '77; Holmes and Thayer, '78; Thorp and Wright, '79.

OFFICERS of the S. Paul's Society for the next term are: President, L. Jacob, '78; Vice-President, W. T. Cox, '79; Secretary, W. H. Brune, '78; Treasurer, E. L. Baylies, '79; Librarian, W. G. Pellew, '80.