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- The Class of '81 have lighted their first bonfire.

- A new reading-room has been provided by the Faculty.

- Thirty-one candidates for admission applied at Chicago.

- The base-ball and boating ardor has not been dampened.

- The Sheffield Scientific School has a Freshman Class of 62.

- Candidates for the Law School were examined this year for the first time.

- The Freshmen carried themselves nobly in the rush with the Sophomores.

- The applicants for the Freshman Class amounted to 209, about half of whom were admitted.

- The Faculty refuse to allow the publication of a list of Freshmen, on the ground that it would assist Sophomore hazing expeditions.

- The Seniors have Psychology, Geology, and Political Economy as the required studies of the present term. Eleven "optionals," with four lessons per week in each, are open to them.

- By the death of Mrs. Caroline Street, of New York, Yale comes into the possession of $250,000. The art buildings and art instruction in college come in for a part of the money; and a new professorship in the Theological School is to be founded.

Amherst.- The Class of '78 was a second time successful in carrying off the gymnasium prize.

- During the vacation the college grounds and buildings have been put in the best order.

- About one hundred and twenty young ladies studied French in Amherst's halls during vacation.

- At the Chicago examinations there were four candidates for admission, and at Brooklyn there were two.

- Those Juniors who have studied Calculus are allowed to elect Physics. The rest of their studies are optional.

- The average attendance of the Junior Class for 1st year was 99.71, and that of the Sophomores 99.78.

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