MR. HEARD has written a song for the Glee Club.

ABOUT 130 men tried the anticipatory examination in Sophomore Prescribed History.

MR. DANFORTH, '77, has been elected President of the H. U. B. C., vice Mr. Sauzade, '78, resigned.

THE latest additions to the Library are henceforth to be posted on a bulletin board in the delivery-room.

THE Senior Class Committee expect that Pach the photographer will be here very shortly. He has been detained to serve on a jury.

THE presence of the letter-box in front of University is not due to the influence of the College Press on the post-office officials, the Advocate to the contrary notwithstanding. A member of '79 suggested to a friend who is connected with the Boston Post-Office the want that the students felt of a letter-box in the Yard. The one now in use is the result.

THE Glee Club needs first and second tenors. Those wishing to try will come to 21 Beck Hall, Wednesdays, at 4 1/2, or Thursdays, at 7.

MR. PAUL TUCKERMAN, '78, has resigned the position of Assistant Secretary of the H. U. B. C., and Mr. R. Trimble, '80, has been elected in his place.

THE Natural History Society are arranging a course of six lectures to begin on the last Thursday in February. Professor Cooke will probably deliver the first one.

AT the next meeting of the Natural History Society, on the first Tuesday in February, there will be an election of officers. All members are requested to be present.

THE base-ball case will be set up to-morrow in the Auditor's office in Memorial. Fifty new balls have been made to replace those that have been lost, at a cost of eight dollars.

THE Senior Class Committee have not as yet found any aspirants for the authorship of the class song. They desire that the words should be handed in to them as soon as possible.

THE Advocate says that "the following stanza (from the Ode at the Supper of the Class of'69), will serve as a model" for the Senior Class Song :

"O, bright and sweet the hour we meet!

Our festal rites be gin!" etc.

It is to be hoped that' 78 will have something better for their "festal rites."