IT seems to be time that the Freshmen who have been making a disturbance in the Physic lectures should stop. Some of us, at least, attend these lectures with the intention of getting all the information possible; but so long as the noisy and disgraceful interruptions which prevailed at the lecture on last Tuesday continue, we fail of our purpose. Besides, it is very annoying and disrespectful to the Instructor, who undoubtedly tries to make his subject interesting; and we do not wonder that he threatens to do away with lectures, and return to recitations, unless these unseemly proceedings cease.

If the truth were known, those who create this disturbance would be found to be some who attend the lectures merely because they are obliged to, who are not desirous to understand them, and who expect to barely pass the examination by pure cramming. Rather than have the whole class suffer for the misconduct of two or three boyish, thoughtless members, they should be exposed.

The practice also of "wooding up," when a certain member's name is called, who happens to have an unusual number of initials, is unkind as well as ungentlemanly, and should not be countenanced. Let us hope that the remaining lectures will be free from disturbance.