THE letter in the last Advocate on the proposed reduction of the marks obtained at the Anticipatory Examination in Rhetoric did not seem to me to express strongly enough the feeling in regard to this matter.

The Professor in this department complacently announces that it is his intention to reduce every mark obtained at that examination from ten to fifteen per cent. Without considering the question of whether the marks were too high it seems to me a most unwarranted proceeding to reduce them at this late date. The injustice of this measure is so evident, as was shown in the Advocate, that it is strange that the Faculty should allow it. If a Professor is to have the power of reducing marks six months after they have been announced, and when it is too late for the sufferers to take another examination, it seems to me time for a strong protest. I am not aware that such injustice has ever been done before.

Let me say, in conclusion, that I did not anticipate the Rhetoric myself, and therefore have no personal motive in making this complaint.