THE Signet Strawberry Night is appointed for next Tuesday.

THE crew will leave for New London on the 22d.

PROFESSOR JACQUINOT sailed for Europe on the 12th.

THE Cornell Freshman crew pull seventeen miles every day.

STRAWBERRY Night of the Hasty Pudding Club next Wednesday.

PROFESSOR J. M. Peirce sails for Europe on the 29th of this month.


AN occasional poco can still be seen in spite of the signs in the entries.

MR. J. Quincy, Jr., has been elected editor of the Crimson in place of Mr. Minot, resigned.

EXAMINATION-BOOKS in Fine Arts 2 may be found at the Secretary's office with the marks in them.

THE O. K. Strawberry Night is appointed for this evening. Reception rooms, Nos. 9 and 10 Little's Block.

THE Strawberry Night of the Everett Athenaeum occurred at the rooms of the society last Saturday evening.

THE Senior class at Exeter this year is a very strong one. Out of thirty-three members twenty-eight will come to Harvard.

THE final contest for the Boylston Prizes takes place in the Sanders Theatre at two o'clock on the day before Class Day.

ALL members having books belonging to the O. K. are requested to return them to the Librarian at No. 10 Little's Block.

FRESHMEN not members of the advanced section in mathematics who wish to elect Mathematics 4 for the next year must study Chapters I., II., III., and V. of Salmon's Conic Sections (fifth edition), in order to prepare themselves for that course. The book should be ordered at once. - Bulletin.

ALL students whose windows are outside of the enclosed portion of the Yard are warned to keep them locked on Class Day.

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