THE wooden packing-case still adorns Memorial Hall.

DR. WYMAN says there are 1900 cases of colds in Cambridge.

THE petitions of 38 Seniors, 58 Juniors, 91 Sophomores, and 66 Freshmen were granted this week by the Faculty.

"PADDOCK calls," as the Freshman remarked when he started out to go to the lecture on Tuesday evening.

THE anticipatory examination in Junior Logic will be held January 25. Blank books to be left at the office on or before January 22.


ARRANGEMENTS have now been made so that students, by the payment of a small sum, can have their examination-books delivered to instructors.

THE Glee Club, who were to appear at the tableaux in Lyceum Hall, Tuesday night, in aid of the Old South, were conspicuous by their absence.

THE course of lectures to be given by the Natural History has been nearly arranged. The lectures will be six in number, and will begin in March.

MEMBERS of the Finance Club are informed that Professor Walker of Yale is delivering a course of lectures on "Money" at the Lowell Institute.

THE first eight of the Pi Eta from '80 are: W. H. Alley, G. Bement, A. F. Breed, W. W. Gooch, E. H. Hastings, C. H. Pew, J. D. Redding, F. M. Smith.

THE Pierian Sodality and the Glee Club will give a concert in Lyceum Hall, Cambridge, Tuesday evening, January 28.

SCENE: The Opera. INTELLIGENT FEMALE (who has got up the libretto perfectly cold). "Now look, dear; Edgardo is going to come in and assassinate himself."

OF the 81 students who were entitled to become candidates for a degree in the Law School, in June last, only 66 presented themselves for examination, and of these only 47 passed.

THE mid-year examination in English 5 will be on subjects taken from the following works: The Idyls of the King (to be read chronologically), Sir Roger de Coverley papers, and speeches of Webster and Haines.

PROFESSOR CHILD began on last Wednesday evening a course of twelve lectures at the Lowell Institute, on "The Popular Ballads of England and Scotland." The Lectures are given on Wednesday and Saturday evenings.