THE fourth annual amateur sports were held at Mott Haven, September 27. The track was in excellent condition, but the weather was a trifle too cold for many "best on records." Two men, however, succeeded in beating the records in their respective races. L. E. Myers, M. A. C., won the half-mile easily from a good field, in 2 minutes 1 2/5 seconds, thus beating the record made by E. Merritt, who did the distance in 2 minutes 2 4/5 seconds. The record in the three-mile run was beaten by P. J. McDonald, I. A. A. C.; time, 15 minutes 38 3/5 seconds: previous best performance being 16 minutes 21 1/2 seconds.

Myers also took the general athletic prize, - a handsome silver cup.

SINCE last spring, a new sprinter has come before the public, and threatens to be a very formidable man when he attains his full development. J. B. Value is only eighteen years of age, and has beaten such men as H. H. Lee, R. L. La Montague, J. S. Voorhees, and T. Maloy. He has a record of 15 seconds for 150 yards.

IN the two days' cricket match, the Philadelphians, mainly through the very effective bowling of Messrs. Dan and Charles Newhall, succeeded in beating the visiting Irish team in one innings, the score being 149 to 140.

The return match, which was played on the following day, resulted in a draw, the game being stopped by darkness.

H. A. A. The prize racket given by the editor of this column will be played for under the auspices of the Athletic Association. The conditions are as follows: net and boundary line, 27 feet; service court, 22 feet; net 3 feet in middle and 4 feet at side; the English regulation ball; entrance fee, 50 cents. The first game will probably be played next Tuesday.

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